Social network ad revenue to hit $10B

Social network ad revenue to hit $10B

Summary: Worldwide ad revenue projected to reach US$5.5 billion this year and grow to US$10 billion in 2013, when non-U.S. markets will account for more than half, new report reveals.


Social network advertising revenues will reach US$5.5 billion worldwide this year, and nearly double to US$10 billion globally by 2013, according to new stats from eMarketer.

Non-U.S. markets would account for slightly more than half, or 51.9 percent, of the US$10 billion global ad revenue in 2013, the research firm said in report Wednesday.

While revenue growth would be in the double digits in the United States, higher growth elsewhere meant that spending in non-U.S. markets would account for a slighter greater share each subsequent year, it explained.

The bulk of those dollars, both in the U.S. and outside, would belong to Facebook, eMarketer added.

It noted that the increase in social network ad revenues meant these sites would account for a greater share of all digital ad spending over the next few years.

This year, 8.8 percent of online ad dollars in the U.S. and 6.9 percent worldwide would go to social networking sites. By 2013, the figures would increase to 11.7 percent and 9.4 percent, respectively.

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