Software AG enters PaaS game

Software AG enters PaaS game

Summary: Software AG has taken its LongJump acquisition and formed a platform-as-a-service suite. The problem is the parts don't all come together until 2014 and the field is crowded.


Software AG said Wednesday that it has launched Software Live, a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) suite. The move was helped along by Software AG's recent acquisition of LongJump.


The company said its suite will revolve around enabling a wide range of professionals design and develop applications integrated with existing systems. Software AG is looking to unify process design, development and integration.

However, Software AG is a bit behind in the PaaS game. has Heroku. IBM and Oracle are also PaaS players to some degree. Pivotal, an offshoot of EMC and VMware, have Cloud Foundry. In other words, PaaS is getting crowded.

AlsoSoftware AG buys PaaS player LongJump

Software AG's Live suite includes the following:

  • AgileApps Live, built on LongJump's platform. AgileApps Live software deploys on the cloud, mobile devices and across social networks. The rebranded LongJump is currently available.
  • ProcessLive is a cloud-based business process management and design service. ProcessLive, available in the third quarter, is built on Software AG's ARIS Business Process Analysis platform.
  • Integration Live connects with cloud, private cloud and enterprise service bus (ESB) installations. The service is built on webMethods ESB technology and will be available in the first quarter of 2014.
  • Dynamic Cloud Scaling will be a new version of webMethods ESB technology and will be available in the second half of 2013.

Add it up and Software AG has solid PaaS plans, but the suite won't be completely put together until the beginning of 2014.

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  • True PaaS

    Whilst everyone can agree what IaaS and SaaS means, we have a confusion around what a PaaS really is. For me, Salesforce Platform and is a true PaaS and Windows Azure, Heroku, Cloudant, Engine Yard, Google App Engine and Pivotal are not - they are IaaS offerings. However, LongJump re-branded as AgileApps by Software AG is a true PaaS, as is VerticaLive VL Business Framework (a startup building a true PaaS on Azure). A true PaaS should come with prebuilt business logic for rapid app dev, including visual dev for non-programmers. True PaaS will be THE way to finally defeat the IT dinosaurs.
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