Software development budgets on the rise, study finds

Software development budgets on the rise, study finds

Summary: Research has found that businesses are setting aside more money for software development, while Microsoft's .NET and Java are still among the most popular development platforms

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Enterprise and SMEs are allocating more of their budget to new software development projects, according to a new study.

Forrester research table

Forrester has found that .NET and Java are still among the most popular software development platforms. Photo credit: Forrester

Research by Forrester has found that 50 percent of IT budgets are now being allocated to new software projects. In addition, Microsoft's .NET and Java are still the most widely used software development platforms. According to the survey, 48 percent of enterprises use both platforms and 21 percent of SMEs use both. However, businesses are increasingly eyeing rich browser interfaces and open-source frameworks.

Forrester surveyed 933 IT decision makers and 2,500 developers. That data was supplemented by other data from the Forrester/Dr Dobbs Technographics survey and the Eclipse Community Survey.

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Topic: IT Employment

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