Software Qld loses Mills amid gag claims

Software Qld loses Mills amid gag claims

Summary: Bruce Mills, an outspoken member of Software Queensland, has officially stepped down from his role amidst a row over his personal blog.


Bruce Mills, an outspoken member of Software Queensland, has officially stepped down from his role amidst a row over his personal blog.

With over 20 years of experience in the Queensland ICT sector, Mills is well known for his crusade for local ICT vendors to get big government contracts rather than multinationals like Oracle and Microsoft, a crusade that he pledged to continue. Mills represented Software Queensland on the government-funded ICT Workgroup — an ICT advisory board to the Queensland state government made up of the Australian Computer Society, the Australian Information Industry Association and Software Queensland. The group receives approximately $150,000 per year in government funding.

Software Queensland most recently expressed a concern about the nature of ICT leadership on both sides of Queensland politics, saying that the two sides were not adequately engaging with the real issues around ICT, nor were they engaging in a dialogue with industry.

Mills told ZDNet Australia yesterday that he had been pressed to leave the working group following recent comments he had made on his personal blog criticising the direction of the state government's ICT policy. He believed that the workgroup had become gagged because of the funding flowing from the government. However, Queensland's ICT minister Simon Finn's office told ZDNet Australia that there was simply no basis for the accusation, and refused to comment further.

Mills stepped down as a board member of Software Queensland on Friday with immediate effect. The search for a replacement continues.

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  • Just wanted to make a pressure was placed on me by Software Qld, and my stepping down from Software Qld Board was not related to any issues with Software Qld. I fully Support Software Qld and they are an strong voice for our industry. My issue is that Software Qld was being targeted by government because I was a board member and made personal statements on my personal blog critical of QLD Government ICT.

    Bruce Mills
    In my personal opinion, Software Qld is still the most credible ICT Association, who does not take money from the State Government and remains the voice of it's members.
  • Bruce Mills has been an invaluable Board member of Software Queensland and a courageous and outspoken ICT commentator. Rigorous discussion around ICT issues should be encouraged, not denied, as we must deliver better outcomes for Queensland.
    Sue Wickenden
    Vice Chair, Software Queensland
    Founder, iSmart Software