Sony Ericsson goes Android with Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson goes Android with Xperia X10

Summary: The manufacturer has unveiled the Microsoft Exchange-supporting X10, its first handset to use Google's open-source mobile operating system

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  • Sony Ericsson has announced its first Android smartphone, the Xperia X10.

    Previous handsets in the Xperia line were based on Windows Mobile. However, the X10 runs Google's open-source mobile operating system, with a Sony Ericsson-specific user interface that emphasises the phone's entertainment capabilities.

    The X10 is not without its enterprise user appeal, though, as it has support for Microsoft's Exchange email server. This support is generally present in Android handsets that are not Google-branded.

  • One of the key user interface enhancements that Sony Ericsson has built on top of Android is Timescape, which allows a user to view all their conversations with a contact — Facebook, Twitter, emails and texts — in one view.

    The approach to contact management is similar to that implemented by rival Android phone-makers, such as Motorola and HTC.

Topic: Networking

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