Sony Ericsson unveils Android viewer

Sony Ericsson unveils Android viewer

Summary: The LiveView device acts as a display or remote control for a variety of Android applications, ranging from text messages and music playback to Facebook and Twitter updates


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  • The LiveView, which has a 128x128-pixel screen and is charged via microUSB, can be clipped onto the included wrist strap, or onto a keychain or laptop.

    Although it will be sold on its own, LiveView will also be available as part of Sony Ericsson's fitness pack, aimed at sports enthusiasts. The pack includes an application called SportyPal Pro, which is compatible with the device and logs data such as movement and calories burned.

  • The LiveView will be compatible with any Android phone using version 2.0 or above of the open-source operating system. The device's release should coincide with upgrades to versions 2.0 or above for Sony Ericsson's current Android line-up, which is still using earlier versions of the operating system.

    The company has also developed an application called LiveWare Manager, which will scan the Android market for apps that are compatible with LiveView.

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  • They should compare the teams that got this out the door, and the team that fails to get Xperia X10 out and up to date, locate the 'problem' then fix the 'problem' with a p45.

    Because this product shows they have people who can deliver, and the X10 still on 1.6, shows they have people who can obstruct too.