Sony refreshes Vaio laptops

Sony refreshes Vaio laptops

Summary: The new S, C, F and L Series machines bring the Vaios up to date with Intel i5 and i7 processors, more RAM and larger hard drives, with a battery-life boost in the S models for business users

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  • Sony Vaio S Series laptops

    Sony has unveiled its new 13.3-inch S Series laptops along with new C, L and F Series devices, the earliest of which will go on sale at the end of February.

    The devices — which were shown in London on Tuesday — will all arrive with an Intel i5 or i7 processor and come with Windows 7 64-bit pre-installed.

    The new S Series (pictured above) is the most business-focused of the ranges and sports a 13.3-inch (1,366 by 768-pixel resolution) Vaio Display Plus screen with a low-reflection coating that the company says will suppress reflections while maintaining clear images.

    The chassis measures 224.5 by 23.9 by 331mm and weighs in at approximately 1.75kg. Sony said the battery will last for around seven hours, and there is an optional 'slice' battery that will provide an additional seven hours of usage. The slice battery pack will retail seperately for around £150, a Sony spokeswoman said.

    The S Series devices lend themselves to the business user, thanks to the capable processor, promised maximum 14-hour battery life, and lightweight, slimline design.

    Photo credit: Ben Woods

  • Sony Vaio laptops

    The base model — which does not include 3G connectivity — comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 7 Professional. It also has dual 'hybrid' graphics, which combines a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card with integrated Intel HD graphics. The system simply switches between the two, depending on the demands of the task at hand, thereby conserving battery life, according to Sony.

    A 500GB hard drive, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, Bluetooth 2.1 and a DVD drive round off the specs.

    The notebooks come in black or silver. Prices start from around £900 for the lower-specced model, going up to around £1,000 for a model with 3G capabilities. They will be available from March.

    Sony is also considering introducing a higher-end model with an Intel Core i7 processor and Blu-ray drive that will retail at around £1,500, a company spokesman told ZDNet UK. This model would be expected to launch at the end of April.

    Photo credit: Ben Woods

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • Hi! I am curious about the color of the keyboard shown in this image. The color here is white or looks like light green. In the website of Sony the gallery of Sony C Series shows models with black keyboard. Is there a variation of the color of the keyboard or is your sample laptop here customized? Thanks!