Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks, in pictures

Sony Vaio T series ultrabooks, in pictures

Summary: The Vaio T series devices are the first ultrabook laptops from Sony, which has pushed out 11-inch and 13-inch versions

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  • Sony T-series ultrabook front

    However, to "provide the best of both worlds", the ultrabooks also offer a hybrid hard drive approach that includes a standard hard drive as well as an SSD. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony has restricted the use of the SSD drive to providing caching of data for quick boot-up and system resume; it cannot be used for data storage, according to Sony's marketing materials. (Nobody from Sony was available to clarify questions ZDNet UK had on this configuration.) The hybrid version includes a 320GB HDD alongside a 32GB SSD.

    It also side-steps the port shortage of other ultrabooks by offering business and consumer users alike a selection of HDMI, VGA and ethernet ports, in addition to a multimedia card slot.

    Image credit: Sony

  • Sony T-series ultrabook side

    The 13-inch T series model measures up at 226mm by 17.8mm by 323 mm and weighs approximately 1.6kg with its standard battery. In contrast, the company's existing ultra-thin Z series laptops are actually a little lighter at around 1.2kg and a few millimetres thinner at 16.6mm.

    Image credit: Sony

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Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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