Sony's Vaio Duo 11 hybrid with Windows 8: In pictures

Sony's Vaio Duo 11 hybrid with Windows 8: In pictures

Summary: Sony's newest hybrid is a tablet when flat and a laptop when propped up on a crutch. ZDNet went hands-on to get a quick look at the chameleonic Windows 8-based device.


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  • Some people will be pleased to hear that the keyboard on the Vaio Duo 11 comes equipped with a track point controller, allowing for fine-grained cursor control.

    The keyboard also has a dedicated Windows button that returns you to the Windows 8 Start screen.

    Image: Ben Woods

  • The Vaio Duo 11 comes with a Sony stylus, which has buttons along the side to mimic right-clicking on a mouse.

    In addition, it can be used for handwriting input. There are a number of Sony-specific apps to put it to best use, such as 'Active Clip' for quick photo or picture editing.

    Image: Ben Woods

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  • Looks nice

    Sony always makes nice hardware and i'm intrigued by this style of hybrid. It's more of a productivity tool since laptop would be the primary use but having the capability to use as a tablet is a great addition.
  • Flat Screen Cable Connector looks a weak point in the design.

    The Flat Screen Cable Connector shown in Image 4, would be extremely vulnerable to children putting their little hands in there and pulling on that flat cable. Keep out of reach of Toddlers!

    There must be a tidier way of routing the screen connector, than this. Poor Design for the cable, otherwise looks quite good.
    • Yep that's toddler bait.

      You beat me too it, i thought the same thing when I saw that photo. These new Windows tablets are starting to look a lot like the old Windows tablets, clunky and heavy by todays standards. No thanks.
      Todd Edens
      • Clunky maybe; heavy - I don't think so

        I would agree they are a bit clunky but, as far as weight, I think they are just fine - lighter than a laptop, and along the lines of an ultrabook. Adding a keyboard for productivity rather "outweighs" the amount of added poundage that is added by the keyboard; I hope I said that in a rather 'roundabout' way - LOL. I still see value in possibly having a detachable keyboard, BUT ... then there's the issue of "keeping up with a detached keyboard" - never an easy task.

        For the trade-off of added weight, I'll take the keyboard! I need a 'productivity tool,' and it's nice also to have a tablet, but the workstation aspect is badly needed; and the original "Dell Duo Convertible" apparently fell way short in most respects.

        So, does this have all the needed connectors, so that we can "dock" it with external dual-screens and external, larger keyboard and so forth? If so, it's a go!
        See my prediction of the 'Vanishing Desktop' here:
        Let me know your thoughts!
  • Ah yes! HDMI out AND usb connectors!

    Okay, I looked at the pics and saw, for sure, this potentially could be docked - it has the HDMI out and at least 2 USB interfaces! Woo hoo! What about the price???
    This is exactly what I predicted - more towards a 'desktop replacement:'
    The Vanishing Desktop:
    And I agree - Sony rocks on hardware!
  • It looks promising

    But there are a few gripes.

    The memory is non-expandable. The entry level pricing comes with 4GB and has shared graphics. With a full HD screen, this won't help anything.

    The design is nice. The non-detachable keyboard isn't really an issue, if it is 18mm thick which is very thin (1.8cm).

    The ribbon is a little lazy but as long as the sliding mechanism is flawless that's ok.

    I certainly can see the crowd it appeals to.

    As a frequent traveller tried of carrying too many devices, this is a one stop solution and with the potential power connecting to a big display is great.

    I'll play around with it this week before deciding whether to get it.