Sorry kids, Christmas is cancelled. Too many new gadgets to buy

Sorry kids, Christmas is cancelled. Too many new gadgets to buy

Summary: The holiday season is shaping up to be an expensive one for mobile gear. New gadgets are soon going to flood the market. We gadget lovers will soon be broke.

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Companies move quickly to get new electronics to market in time for the holiday season, and this year looks to be busier than ever. Windows 8 is poised for release this month, with an entire line of gadgets riding on the back of its launch. There's a rumored, but everyone believes it will happen, new iPad coming with a smaller form. Google is expected to roll out its latest Nexus smartphone, and maybe a larger tablet. Gadget lovers may soon be broke indeed.

Gadget addiction is an expensive thing. Those of us afflicted often buy the latest and greatest phone or tablet, at great expense. Companies that produce these things count on those purchases, and will be doing everything they can to get us to open our wallets.

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Microsoft will be flooding the market on October 26 with not only Windows 8, but those shiny Surface tablets. They aren't sharing how much they will cost us, but they are new and exciting enough to get our purchase dollars. I see a new Surface RT tablet in my immediate future, and I will likely pay a pretty penny for it.

Apple hasn't confirmed it will even be offering a small iPad, but it will be a huge shock if one isn't released. An iPad Mini will likely be expensive in keeping with Apple's business plan, and the fact it will fit in those holiday stockings will spur purchases like everything Apple produces.

Google is poised to bring the next Nexus Android phone to life, and it will be calling many gadget lovers to get out the credit card. Many buyers forego the carrier subsidy for Nexus phones, so this purchase will be a big one. 

The cheap ($199) Nexus 7 tablet has sold well since its release, so Google is rumored to be prepping a larger Nexus 10 for sale. That will grab quite a few purchase dollars if so, another gadget for addicts to grab this year.

This year has already been an expensive one for this writer, having picked up an iPad with 4G LTE and a Nexus 7 tablet. Most recently a purchase of a Samsung Chromebook has emptied the wallet. When a Surface tablet (with keyboard) and an iPad Mini are added to the tally, there won't be much left for gifts this holiday season. Throw in a new iPhone 5 which is out there tempting me, or the new Nexus phone, and it's going to be a broke holiday season for sure.

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  • Mobile market will enter a slump pretty soon

    The other day I read a report saying sth like 51% of iDevice owners took out loans to buy the gadgets. That reminds of days when people took out loans to buy Nasdaq in 2000 and real estate in 2006. That's clearly a sign of buyers running out of steam. W/o them pouring vast amount of money at the gadgets as debt crisis deepens around the world, we are heading toward a post-mobile era.
    • Oh, please. Took out a loan

      means put it on their credit card. Sheesh.
      • erm


        How many 17-22 year olds have credit cards? Not many... I sure didnt neither did my friends

        but you bank account will give you up to 8k worth of loans as soon as you hit 18. So i think he's probably right.
        • You are joking right?

          Virtually every kid who goes to college get 5+ credit card pre-approved application. You and your friends were likely the exceptions. The companies know that people don't know how to deal with their money these days, and so can make a thousand dollars on a $200 purchase from all the minimum-balance pays and other things.
          • Old data

            Since the financial meltdown credit cards are harder to come by. My son got plenty of cards and chose one that was a good deal. My daughter (now a senior looking at grad school) has had a hard time getting a credit card in her own name (as opposed to a co-owner with my wife or I).
        • Other than nearly all of them?

          "How many 17-22 year olds have credit cards?"

          Sadly, it's most of them.

          I probably didn't have one until my 20s, and even then, my balance was nearly always $0 (and still is $0).

          Sadly, though - I recognize that I was likely the exception, not the rule.
      • Loans and fools

        Unless you pay your credit card balance owing in full every month, a credit card purchase is indeed a loan. If you put that shiny new toy on your credit card and only make the minimum allowable monthly payment, you can easily double or triple the cost of that toy.

        My guess is that this is the situation for a good chunk of the readers/posters here.
        • In my country

          The balance due is collected each month, now if the credit card company cannot collect the full amount, I am sure something could be arranged, but then it is indeed going to be an expensive purchase.
        • ...fools

          "...this is the situation for a good chunk "
          Not this chunk. Am I part of the bad chunk, which doesn't make obscene profits for the banks? And, I only buy gadgets when I really NEED them. (Disclaimer: as an engineer, I still like to look at and marvel at the technology. )
  • It's not just quantity, it's also... price

    Part of the problem is that the price of gadgets has gone down... and up. On the one hand you can pick up a top notch tablet for $199, which makes you feel like you aren't spending much money. So why not buy *another* gadget... and another... until before you know it you've spent more than you would have on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

    On the other hand, while phones, tablets, and certain items are getting cheaper, other items are getting more expensive. Ultrabooks aren't (all) as expensive as they were in 2011... but I haven't seen a single announcement about a new Windows 8 netbook or other $300 computer.

    So whether you're going with Clover Trail or a Core i5 system, if you're planning to pick up a new Windows notebook or tablet this holiday season, you're probably going to end up paying a premium price.

    Well, that's unless you take advantage of the onrush of new Windows 8 systems to drive down the price of last year's models with Windows 7 and Sandy Bridge CPUs. Those will probably be going for cheap while they're still in stock.
  • You forgot the Kinde Fire HD's ...

    which ship later ths month and later next month. When it comes to bang for thebuck they are tough to pass up.
  • I honestly don't understand you gadgeteers.

    Gadgets are fine and dandy. I myself just ordered a Kindle Paperwhite. However, I'm not going to replace it every year because an almost identical device comes out. You're like the people that buy a car and trade it in in under a year. Is the new thing better than the old one? No, not really. It's usually got marginally better specs, but last years model with do pretty much EVERYTHING this years model will do. Have some damned self control. Quit buying things that do the exact same thing as a device you already have.
    • .

      i have never bought a tablet, but i will be purchasing a Surface Pro, more as a laptop replacement than a tablet though. I update my PC every 3 years normally, but i don't play super intensive games, so the Pro will probably work as my main PC as well. Then maybe in 3 years time i will wanna play Fifa 15 and have to upgrade.

      Upgrading for the sake of upgrading is pointless.
  • Sorry kids, Christmas is cancelled. Too many new gadgets to buy

    You gadget lovers must be making some serious bank to buy every gadget. The only gadget I will need is the Microsoft Surface. Pay for it once, use it for a couple of years, then upgrade to the new version.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • That would be the Surface Pro instead of the Surface RT, correct?

      In all seriousness, Loverock, based upon your previous stated opinions that ALL tablets are toys, I would have assumed that your choices for a Win 8 mobile device would have centered around the new hybrid Win 8 products or the Surface Pro - which, although a tablet, could be considered a netbook replacement if the optional membrane keyboard cover is purchased.

      Have you changed your mind on the usefulness of a keyboardless tablet design since the iPad was introduced? (It's not a sin to change one's opinions, you know.)
      • The surface pro isn't by any stretch

        A netbook replacement, as it does not offer a weak atom, it runs an intel I5. And again, contrary ti the ipad, the surface pro will let you hook up any keyboard, even the ones with a cable attached, so that crappy bluetooth reception isn't a problem, hell you could even hook a 24" monitor to it without silly 30 usd adapters or even worse some second device to stream the content !
  • ipads and nexuses are fools choice

    ipads and nexuses are fools choice - get a MS Surface to play, work and create.
  • Do I need another gadget?

    For the first time I am asking myself do I really want another new or more accurately want a new gadget? I own a Kindle, I-Pad, Kindle Fire and a couple of lap-tops, smart phone and a several I-Pods including the touch - gadgets galore.

    Off the bat the pending I-Pad min joins the rank of the 7 ish tablets and I don't need to see the spec's to know it will be a quality product. The mini will wear the Apple badge and that will carry weight with many consumers but not enough for me to bite. The Kindle Fire 8.7 looks highly attractive in terms of both size and spec's but I not yet made up my mind.

    The Surface will be attractive to many because of its integration with the Microsoft infrastructure but it does not offer me something I am missing.

    Bottom line it will be interesting to see if consumers are also saturated and going against the grain I don't think price will be that big of a factor.
  • All I need for Christmas is just 2 devices

    All I need for Christmas is just 2 devices

    1. Surface
    2. Nokia 920

    plus Xbox dash update and ofcourse Halo4.
    • That would be a great Christmas gift day-no doubt about it.

      Hope you get your wish. But I hope AT&T cellular works out for you. That would make your holiday Nokia gift experience exceptional. (But I have to be honest. I have my doubt's about AT&T changing from a Corporate Grinch to a singing Who loving "nice guy". Grin. BTW, have you ever noticed that Grin and Grinch are almost identical? I wonder if Dr. Seuss named his character because of that similarity?)