South Korea opens antitrust probe into Samsung

South Korea opens antitrust probe into Samsung

Summary: Samsung is now being investigated by two antitrust authorities -- in Europe and now South Korea -- following a complaint by Apple.

TOPICS: Samsung, Apple, Legal, Patents, EU

South Korean antitrust authorities have opened an investigation into claims that Samsung is abusing its dominant market position, following complaints filed by Apple.

It follows similar action by the European Union's antitrust authorities, which are examining whether Samsung "abusively" used standard-essential patents -- technologies that must be licensed fairly because they are critical to competitors' compatibility -- to "distort competition" by using them as ammunition in European lawsuits.

A Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) official, speaking anonymously to the Associated Press, said the commission was "reviewing whether allegations in the complaint lodged by Apple are true."

"Apple filed a complaint earlier this year that Samsung is breaching fair trade laws."

Despite the two companies' component partnership -- Apple iPhones and iPads contain Samsung-built chips -- both firms remain bitter rivals in the smartphone and tablet space as they clamber for relevance and market share in an already overflowing market.

Apple won a landmark victory in the U.S. after a jury found that Samsung had copied elements of the iPhone, leading to Samsung paying Apple more than $1 billion in damages.

A Samsung spokesperson told Reuters that the company, "has at all times met its obligations to the fair licensing of its telecommunications standards-related patents."

Topics: Samsung, Apple, Legal, Patents, EU

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  • This is ironic

    Claims that Samsung is abusing its dominant market position by Apple are like claims by Samsung that Apple has copied their design ideas.
  • Must repeal antitrust laws

    Anti-trust laws make no sense. They are unnecessary, and they do not protect consumers. Rather, what they do is allow politically favored companies to use the laws as a club against politically less favored companies. Any restriction on Samsung after they have convinced large numbers of people to voluntary buy their products would be a massive violation of Samsung's rights.
    • Let's turn this around

      "Any restriction on Apple after they have convinced large numbers of people to voluntary buy their products would be a massive violation of Apple's rights."

      So do you STILL say that Anti-Trust laws make no sense?

      "Any restriction on Microsoft after they have convinced large numbers of people to voluntary buy their products would be a massive violation of Microsoft's rights."

      How about now? Still have that stance on the Anti-Trust laws?
      • go back to

        your moms basment please
        • Let me guess

          YOU think that it's okay for anyone to sue Apple or Microsoft then? Cue the double standards you fAndroid hypocrite! And I'll go back to my mom's basement when I'm done taking care of business in YOUR mom's bedroom...
        • And I note

          That you could not respond to any of my questions. Why is that? Truth hurt?
      • Mother insults...

        Just the conformation I needed about the ages of these fandroid/iPhan wars... A few years ago it was xbox vs playstation... I gues it just depends what toys they've got to play with.

        But In the grown up world of paying for your gadgets with your salary, let's not forget the most famous anti trust victory - being able to purchase a pc without also having to purchase an OS if you so wish.

        No law is perfect, but you can't just get rid of them all. Believe it or not there's usually a reason they are there.
  • Samsung is bad!

    About time...
  • What is Apple's profit share in the disputed markets?


    Huh, that's quite the anti-competitive actions from Samsung. Poor Apple, always the victim.
    • Who Cares?

      As usual Toddy, you miss the point and try to spin it in another direction. You must get a life!
    • What does that have to do with Samsung?

      Not one damned thing. So why are you so afraid of Apple Toddy? What's with the fear and the constant FUD?
  • Film at eleven. You will be informed of the decision.

    Some decision will be arrived at without asking you first and one way or another it will affect a price on something that you will pay for. As a victim in these proceedings your involvement in this is strictly monetary. Stop thinking that your opinion on any legal issues actually matters.