Spotify finally arrives in Brazil

Spotify finally arrives in Brazil

Summary: Despite challenges, the music streaming service will soon be offered to Brazilian users

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At last - it appears that Brazilian music fans will soon be able to use streaming service Spotify as the company announces its arrival in the country.

Yesterday (14) the company sent out invitations to members of the press for an event in São Paulo on May 28, where it didn't say anything other than it will be disclosing further details about the imminent launch or the Brazilian version of the service.

The streaming service in Brazil allegedly had an original launch date of September 2013 but ended up being postponed for reasons said to include lengthy negotiations with local record companies, as well as issues around local payment methods and legal and tax peculiarities.

Two invite-only trial versions of Spotify are currently available to Brazilian users, one being free with ads, while the other is a premium service that costs $5,99 per month. According to the company, about 20 million tracks can be streamed through its platform.

The arrival of Spotify turns up the heated digital music market in Brazil, with existing international competitors Rdio and Deezer as well as Vivo Música, a service offered by telefonica Vivo in Brazil in partnership with Napster.

Topic: Mobility

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