Sprint leak reveals LTE rollout in new cities

Sprint leak reveals LTE rollout in new cities

Summary: Where does the firm intend to rollout LTE services in the United States next?


The US's third-largest carrier sprint is expanding its LTE network, and customers from California and Indiana among others may see network coverage appear today.

According to a leaked note obtained by Phone Arena, a total of 21 new cities are being added to the carrier's LTE network on Friday.

The carrier has been playing catch-up in the 4G LTE market, poor coverage bowing against the pressure of rivals including AT&T and Verizon. Sprint Nextel chief executive Dan Hesse said last year that there is, "a competitive disadvantage in terms of LTE footprint today," and further admitting that "We're catching up, but we are behind." If you own an Sprint LTE device and happen to be in the area, mobile Internet speeds have the possibility of reaching 6 to 8Mbps, potentially peaking at 25Mbps.

In January, Sprint announced that 28 new cities would be added to its LTE network in the coming months, including Paris, Texas; Branson, Mo.; Oxford, Miss. and Bay City, Michigan. Coverage has also recently appeared in small pockets across New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco pre-launch. The firm says that Sprint's 4G LTE network will be commercially available and officially announced in these areas within the next few months. As of today, Sprint will apparently be offering LTE services in the following states and cities:

  • California: Los Angeles, Contra Costa County
  • Florida: Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach
  • Indiana: Bloomington and Lafayette Illinois: Rochelle
  • Minnesota: Mankato-North Mankato Missouri: Joplin
  • North Carolina: Charlotte, Shelby, Albemarle, Sailsbury, Lincolnton
  • Tennessee: Memphis, Greenville, Tullahoma Texas: Denison, Kerrville
  • Virginia: Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News
Credit: Phone Arena

Topics: Wi-Fi, Mobility, Smartphones

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  • Tmobile/Sprint

    Tmobile starts LTE with NYC and here is sprint launching their networks in middle of nowhere.
    • Excellent, then.

      I love when NYC isn't first to get something. The rest of us deserve being first sometimes, too. The world isn't all about NYC.
    • answer

      Sprint is also working on LTE in newyork some places all really have it. however tmobile will get it faster cause sprint is rebuilding their network t-mobile isn't.
  • There are customers there

    Even customers "in the middle of nowhere" would like to have LTE. Sprint is trying to tap a market begging for high speed wireless.

    I wish Sprint would get some more towers in my middle-of-nowhere town. We've got 100% coverage by AT&T and Verizon, but anything not on those networks really is awful. I tried Virgin Mobile, and had a usable signal only about 30 percent of the time.
  • AZ

    Sure be nice if Sprint showed some love to Phoenix and Tucson.
    • answer

      Arizona is on the list for Sprint LTE. thinking around the end of the year.
      • list?

        What roll out list has Arizona let alone Phoenix on it for Sprint. Right now in Phoenix I can't even use Siri on my iPhone 5 away from my WiFi network. Web browsing on Sprint unlimited data is impossible because I get cellular data not available messages through Phoenix and the whole valley. I'm sick of paying the ten dollar premium for this crap. I would love to be even capable of using 3g. I remember enjoying YouTube on TMobile edge network but on sprint 3g YouTube is an impossible dream. Until sprint actually starts providing the service its existing customers are paying for I suggest people stay away from sprint. What pisses me off more is how Sprint adds these splinter companies to its network reducing the available bandwidth to actual sprint customers and I'm talking about companies like virgin mobile.
        Keith Whisman
  • How stupid is Sprint's in house roll out team?

    They are rolling out LTE in all these bunk locations while the #1 economy in the country sits on 3g. Can no one look at intensity data, data usage, call usage, PROFIT MARGINS, from the West Texas area??? I am seriously considering Verizon or ATT becasue at least they have LTE service in this area. With the #1 economy in the country churning out billions after billions of petro dollars we are still stuck with 1x, no data, or MAYBE 3g, SOMETIMES. RIDICULOUS. Literally, ridiculous. Worthy of ridicule.

    They were on the ball with the wimax rollout as Midland Odessa was one of the first areas and it is still in service and going strong. But new Sprint phones arent even Wimax compatible so we are all sitting around with these new phones and our thumb up our ass.
    • Not to mention

      that Sprint users have been paying $10 extra each month for 4G service for years with no 4G service in sight.
      Beat a Dead Horse