Square integrates with Xero, launches software partner platform

Square integrates with Xero, launches software partner platform

Summary: The Xero partnership is Square’s second available in the US and allows Square users to import, summarize, and populate the appropriate account within Xero's general ledger.

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Square announced Monday a new integration with the the New Zealand-based cloud accounting software provider Xero. The mobile payments company also officially launched its software partner platform, which extends the Works with Square program that was rolled out earlier this year as a move to allow developers to build accessories for Square businesses. 

The Xero deal follows up Square's November integration with QuickBooks, which enables Square users to import daily sales data into QuickBooks' accounting software. With Xero, Square customers can link their Square and Xero accounts to pull past sales data and daily transaction data into Xero's general ledger.

With both the QuickBooks and Xero deals, Square is laying out its strategy to make its service more useful to merchants, adding frictionless integrations that could potentially extend its footprint. Square said its Japanese counterpart, Square Japan, integrated with the accounting software freee, enabling a data feed from sales to accounting. 

Xero has been trying to build out its North American presence as of late, and last year launched a QuickBooks conversion service to help with migrations from the desktop accounting platform. Last October, Xero rival Intuit released QuickBooks Online as an overhauled cloud version of the accounting software – making the crowded cloud accounting space a tick more competitive. 

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Topics: Cloud, E-Commerce, SMBs

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