St George to introduce fingerprint login for mobile banking

St George to introduce fingerprint login for mobile banking

Summary: Customers armed with an iPhone 5S will be able to log into St George's internet banking app with just a fingerprint when iOS8 arrives.

TOPICS: Mobility, Banking

St George Bank will become one of the first in the world to grant users access to mobile banking via their fingerprint alone.

From next month, users with an iPhone 5S will be able to verify their identity simply by placing their finger on the phone's fingerprint-scanning home button, sidestepping the need for passwords and passcodes.

It will be made possible via Apple's upcoming iOS8 software, expected to be released alongside new iPhone models in September.

More than half of the bank's 1.2 million digital customers use mobile-banking, with 15 per cent using the iPhone 5S.

The bank says the new function has been rigorously tested, and that no customer credentials will be stored on the device.

St George says the functionality will be extended to the Android platform via Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 in the coming months.

Rivals such as ANZ also have biometric plans in the pipeline.

Topics: Mobility, Banking

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  • great idea

    I believe that this makes it more accessible to the clients to their accounts, they should also think about the other brands of phones.