Stand by your iPad

Stand by your iPad

Summary: The surprise refresh of the iPad hardware announced this week has some buyers of the previous model up in arms. Don't feel cheated you no longer own the latest iPad. Your iPad still loves you.

TOPICS: iPad, Tablets

Apple's announcement of the iPad mini this week surprised no one, but that can't be said about the unveiling of the newest big iPad. Refreshing the iPad's guts wasn't expected, and it has some normally rational people up in arms about it. Owners of the iPad just released months ago apparently feel they are entitled to own the latest and greatest iPad for a while longer than they did. Fact is, that iPad you bought is still the slick piece of technology today that it was on the day you bought it.

Your iPad has been there for you since the day you bought it. It's faithfully awakened each time you picked it up and hit the button. It has run every app you asked it to, and smoothly. The only thing it has asked in return is to plug it in when the tank gets low, and that's so it can continue serving you without interruption.

It may no longer be the latest iPad on the market but it is still your faithful companion. It has stood by you since you bought it through thick and thin. It just works, and will continue to do so even though there's a new iPad in town.

Some of us have asked our iPads to do extra work duty, even though it's a lowly tablet. It has taken the shame of having a keyboard attached with quiet dignity and done everything we ask. It did laptop duty before that was cool with nary a complaint.

So don't be fickle, stand by your iPad. Sure it has that old connector that we've groused about for years. Sure anybody who looks at your iPad can instantly tell it's not the very latest magical product from Apple. But it is there for you, so stand by your iPad.

You'll get another brand spanking new iPad some day, but until that day your old iPad works just as well as it did the day you bought it. That day you marveled at how well it worked. That day you bragged how responsive it was and how smoothly it ran the best apps in the world. It's still the same so stand by your iPad. It still has your back.


Topics: iPad, Tablets

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  • Thanks James

    Your funds have been transferred.

    Apple Marketing Department
    • Apple rewards loyalty: free flights, hotels, exclusives and other perks

      I guess Microsoft should have cultivated a loyal network of influential journalists, not just inviting them to exclusive events but also paying for their flights and hotels -- like Apple does e.g. the iPad Mini launch.

      Spoiled tech journalists lash out at Microsoft, held back by its dated code of ethics. It's almost as though tech commentators are saying: no perks for me? Then PAY THE PRICE!
      Tim Acheson
      • Microsoft buys journos, too

        They try, anyway. They gave tech journalists free laptops for their Vista launch -- but they screwed up and loaded Vista on them. They even flew me to Seattle once, fed me, showed me around the Microsoft campus, told me how wonderful their work was, and give a Zune -- which I promptly gave to the head of a project that had gotten Linux to run on one of the pesky things.

        Personally, I prefer Linux. I use Windows when I must, which is at most 20% of the time. and Apple is far too wonderful for the likes of me. By not owning their products, I spend 0% of my time worrying about getting caught in their planned obsolescence program.
      • James, congratulations

        You are now, officially, an influential journalist.

        P.S. I like and follow your articles. However, I am neither an Apple nor Microsoft fan.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
    • LOL

      LOL, you win the internets, toddbottom3
  • Apple apologetics

    Thank you for this master class in Apple apologetics.

    The infamous Apple "reality distortion field" is running at full-power this week.
    Tim Acheson
  • What?

    What the heck did I just read??
  • Wow

    Are you a journalist or apple employee?
  • You have just read...

    ...a delirious rambling that basically translate to: "If you are so cheap that you cannot buy the latest and greatest,iPad, just stop whining and shut up. And work hard and save, one day you'll be re-admitted into the flock".
  • Or perhaps

    A tongue-in-cheek look at the ages old geek's dilemma of having a new model appear right after buying the latest. Fact is the latest, while better, doesn't make the existing product any worse than the day it was bought.
    • doesn't make the existing product any worse than the day it was bought

      Yes it does for a lot of people. Especially with Apple products. If people were just using logical, pragmatic reasons for buying tablets then the Nexus 7 would be the market leader. But they don't. A lot of people buy iPad's because they're cool, trendy status symbols. Apple just destroyed the value those people were deriving from paying for the "premium" device, particularly if they went with the higher end $800+ configurations.
      • Simply repeating talking points does not make them true

        People buy iPads for many reasons and one of the biggest is they prefer iOS on their tablets. The fact that you can't comprehend this and have to repeat talking points does not change anything. I have an iPad 3 yet I could care less if anybody knows if it's the latest version or not and know for a fact that it works just as it did two weeks ago before the latest version was announced so it has lost no value to me.
    • Tell that to the Windows Phone 7 owners

      who when learning that Windows 8 phones would soon be out, where told by you bloggers that they have just been dorked.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
      • Much different situation

        That was the case of a company (Microsoft) choosing to orphan those owners. Not just a product refresh like this iPad situation.
        • Orphaned?

          WP7 is still getting updates. It hasn't been orphaned.

          You see James, this is where you betray your anti-MS pro-Apple nature. When Apple puts out a new product, it is a "product refresh". When MS does, it is "orphaning previous owners".

          Take EVERY single argument that we are hearing from the Apple fanbois about how the new NEW iPad doesn't break the great functionality in the old new iPad, that nothing has changed with their old new iPad, that they can still do everything today that they could do before the new new iPad (these product names from Apple are SO confusing) and apply it to WP7. They all hold. "Don't worry WP7 owners, your Nokia Lumia 900 still loves you." Where was that article James?

          Oh well, at least you honestly believe your iPad loves you so you do have that.

          Not a lot angers me on ZDNet but paid professional bloggers who blatantly show bias in the way you do, actually does anger me, I'll admit it. I think it is disgusting when Fox does it, when NBC does it, and when ZDNet does it.

          ZDNet, I think you have to decide today if you want to be a source of news and analysis or if you want to be a mouthpiece for Apple's marketing department. I'm pretty sure that companies pay YOU (ZDNet) to advertise their products and services. The sad thing for you (ZDNet) is that you pay James. You are paying an advertiser. Think about it.
          • "anti-MS pro-Apple nature

            How quickly they forget. Don't you remember, Mr. toddbottom3, James' very recent pro-Chromebook articles?

            James is 100% correct with this statement in his comment:

            "A tongue-in-cheek look at the ages old geek's dilemma of having a new model appear right after buying the latest. Fact is the latest, while better, doesn't make the existing product any worse than the day it was bought.

            However, he erred egregiously using "orphan" to describe WP7-based devices. While Microsoft did choose not to support upgrades to WP8 for WP7-based devices, they DID provide users with Windows Phone 7.8 and are still continuing to provide updates to users.

            Apple could learn boatloads from Microsoft's WP7 behavior for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
            Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Hilarious

          I was going to write a rebuttal, but ToddBottom saved me the trouble.

          All I will say is that if you can't see the hypocrisy in your statement, you have just lost what little respect you had as an Android/iOS blogger (not a mobility blogger).
        • Here, I must disagree

          Apple is the king of orphaning their hardware. Just two prominent examples:

          o PowerPC-based Macs
          o original iPad

          Since the original iPad is more recent, I will expand. Apple could have chosen to continue to support iOS 5 until iOS 7 is released. Instead, they chose to apply security updates to the new iOS 6 and leave iOS 5, along with the original iPad, behind.

          If Apple can simultaneously maintain two versions of OS X, currently Lion and Mountain Lion, why can't they simultaneously maintain two versions of iOS? The original iPad was orphaned well before it's time.
          Rabid Howler Monkey
        • Hardware

          Microsoft does not make a phone.
          Hardware is the reason WP7 users will not be getting WP8.
          But they are still providing software updates.
          7.8 for one.
        • What's the difference between product refresh and orphaned?

          when both will be updated to a certain point.

          Or did Apple orphan the original iPad owners now?
          William Farrel