Staples to start carrying Apple products in the U.S.?

Staples to start carrying Apple products in the U.S.?

Summary: The corporate giant continues to expand the number of retail partners for its iPhone, iPad tablets, and Macs, according to tweets from the office superstore's execs.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad

Bricks-and-mortar stores may be on the ropes in a number of computer electronics categories, but selling Apple products doesn't seem to be one of them. Despite having a number of Apple stores dotting the world, the company has slowly expanded the number of retail partners who are willing and able to sell its iPhones, iPads, and Mac desktops and laptops, from Walmart to RadioShack.

Now, apparently, you can add Staples to that list. The office superstore has sold Apple products internationally, but hasn't been given a chance to carry them in the U.S. However, some excited Staples execs tweeted at the end of last week that a deal has been finalized for the retailer to start being an Apple partner in the States.

You can see the specific tweets at our sister site CNET, but according to Cult of Mac, those messages have either been removed or the execs' Twitter accounts made protected. Nothing specific was revealed about the deal, but because it hasn't been officially announced, it was obviously a bit of an embarrassment to leak the information on Twitter.

It remains to be seen which Apple products in particular Staples would be selling, though iPads and Mac computers would be a no-brainer. Staples also sells cell phones, so the iPhone could be on the list, which may not be a bad thing, given the rumors about its sales and customer demand. MacRumors says its source believes the full complement of Apple computing products will be available through Staples, and 9to5Mac was given a tip (via a mock-up page on the Staples Web site, shown above) about Apple TV going on sale, too.

The supposed deal may help Staples more than Apple, though it puts the latter company's products in front of even more eyeballs. Where Apple goes next remains to be seen, but I imagine OfficeDepot and OfficeMax are working furiously to be on that list. Does it matter to you where Apple sells it products? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • That's interesting...

    I was in Staples buying a Nexus 7 the other day and checking out the Nexus 10s... I went over to look at the cases they had and all they had was one crappy case for the Nexus and a Million for the iPad... I asked the guy where the iPads were and he said they didn't sell them and they won't either.

    I guess he was half right huh? =D
  • MicroSoft Surface

    is the only reason apple is putting their merchandise in staples. It is another small attack as they have no counter to Win8/RT and the Surfaces. They can't let Surfaces be displayed without their ipads there also.
    • Actually

      Staples is the only local store I have seen the Nexus 10 in Stock.
    • huh?

      Are you joking? Who's buying Win tablets? Talk about being late to the party...

      Apple is facing big slowdown in sales and have lost their cool factor (happens when Grandmothers buy them). Nor are they the tech leader any more. Samsung is eating their lunch with better cell phones. The multitude of Android vendors like Asus, Samsung etc build better tablets. Amazon is selling millions.
  • Will iPads & iPhones save brick and Mortar electronics stores?

    I am surprised that Staples & Office Max type stores didn't carry iPads and other Apple products. Can you imagine how many customers that have gone into their stores wanting an iPad this past Christmas only to not have them.

    As others have mentioned that carry a ton of accessories but no products. Lost opportunity for brick and mortar retailers. A little late to the party and will not save them only prolong the inevitable.
    • Who buys tech in an office supply store?

      The only tech I buy in office supply stores are printers. Everything else is poorly stocked, over priced, or both. The sales staff is clueless about anything else.