Star Trek geeky goodies and gifts

Star Trek geeky goodies and gifts

Summary: If you cannot get to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this week, console yourself with some classic Star Trek goodies and gifts.


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  • DS9 + Voyager Communicator Pin Set

    5 rank pips for all combinations of rank. Same size as used in TNG and DS9 Voyager.

    Credit: Amazon

    Prefer Star Wars? May the force be with you

  • USS Enterprise Haynes manual

    In-depth information about these extraordinary ships, from the Enterprise NX-01, to Captain Kirk’s Enterprise NCC-1701 and Captain Picard’s Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Includes histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters and warp-speed travel. Find out exactly what powered these ships, how they were armed and what it took to operate them.

    Credit: Amazon

    Prefer Star Wars? May the force be with you

  • Stainless Steel Hip Flask

    Holds 6oz.

    Credit: Amazon

    Prefer Star Wars? May the force be with you

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  • You forgot the most amazing

    Trekkie item of all ... the iPad [sic].

    Scottie: "I can'ne get any more out of her Captain."
  • Ironic, you are.

    using first Lucas movie as s/n to quote Star Trek. It was called the PADD.
    • you idiot

      So Cupertino released a device called the PADD? Star Trek had a "PADD", last i looked Cupertino didn't (...least not in the sense a Trekkie knows them).

      Pay attention, and don't assume stuff before spouting off next time, dumbo.

      Your score: -100
      • Why that name calling?

        Makes you look like the DUMBO.
  • Does She Come With It?

    I just want to know, does the girl come with the Womens Next Generation Jumpsuit... If so, I'll take 2!!
  • Wait, what?

    "There are dresses too. Also available for men. "


    Uh... I'll pass.
    Hallowed are the Ori