Start IT up: Chargebar

Start IT up: Chargebar

Summary: Smartphones make life difficult when the battery runs out. Thankfully, there's a start-up business that has a fix for the problem.

TOPICS: Start-Ups, Australia

Chargebar is a small Sydney-based operation that provides phone battery charging stations for public use.

In this video, their co-founder Cameron Tanner explains how venues are charged to have a Chargebar on site, with the hope of driving more visitors to their location and increasing their dwell time. There is also an iPhone app to help customers find the venues.

It sounds like a great idea. After all, who's not been caught short with a smartphone that has run out of juice?

But it also requires a lot of upfront sales and logistics; to distribute the equipment, maintain it, and update it — for instance, when Apple changes the iPhone connector.

Can Chargebar really grow and achieve the economies of scale to build a successful ongoing business? Tell us what you think in the poll below.

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Topics: Start-Ups, Australia


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  • Batteries change.

    Not just the phones are changing. Batteries are as well. It is only a matter of time until we have far better battery capacity. And once your average smartphone lasts for more than just barely a day under moderate usage (as it is the case with my LG Optimus 2x) this will become entirely obsolete, no matter how successful it will be at launch.
  • Light wt portable batteries are easy to come by.

    ......Light wt portable batteries are easy to come by.

    .....I can charge my phone while it's in my pocket.
    Allen Frady