Steve Jobs: will he be missed?

Steve Jobs: will he be missed?

Summary: You've likely heard that Steve Jobs has stepped down as lord and master of the iCult. In this week's Nerdcam, we reflect and ask the multibillion-dollar question: will Steve Jobs be missed?

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

You've likely heard that Steve Jobs has stepped down as lord and master of the iCult. In this week's Nerdcam, we reflect and ask the multibillion-dollar question: will Steve Jobs be missed?

Jobs' crowning achievement came from "reinventing" the music player, with the release of the iPod. It made digital music a reality, and set the stage for future innovations.

His lauded second album, the iPhone, was also nothing short of spectacular. It took the smartphone beyond the boardroom and the sales team, and gave consumers access to everything they never knew they needed.

And then there was the iPad. A product that led the resurgence of an entire market, and spawned scores of devices in its wake. All of these innovations playing out as the ongoing evolution of the iMac and MacBook shored up Apple's position in the computer market.

By his fans, Steve Jobs will certainly be missed, considering that he put so much of himself into the products that people have spent years camping outside of stores for.

But as consumers mourn the abdication of the Apple throne, the company's competitors can make out the faint sound in the distance of a trumpet. This trumpet call is set to get louder and louder, and will be heard far and wide by every technology manufacturer who has tried and failed to knock Apple from its arrogant perch for the last decade. This trumpet will call them back to war.

I can tell you exactly how it went down when Jobs resigned at the offices of its competitors: there were likely cheers and celebrations as the enemy's key general took his leave.

Steve Jobs won't be missed by the competition, because now there's no excuse for a lack of innovation. No more "Apple did it first", no more "this is like that Apple product we saw six months ago".

That's right, Apple enemies. It's time to go to war.

Watch the video for a look inside the celebrations.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mobility

Luke Hopewell

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  • nothing else more important to report???
  • Hey San,
    There's lots to report, and there's lots that has already been reported about the departure of Steve Jobs here on ZDNet Australia.

    I decided to take a different angle and use this week's blog as a call to action for Apple's competitors to renew their zeal for toppling the giant. It'd be great to see another company take the lead away from Apple in the innovation/product space, don't you think? With greater innovation comes greater competition.

    Luke Hopewell
    ZDNet Australia
  • I totally agree, Apple needs some competition badly. Apple are only good at innovating when they are the only player in a certain market.

    Look at the Android platform, it's taken the lead in the smart phone market and I wouldn't be surprised to see it take the lead in the tablet market as the tablet market matures.
  • Why would it be great to see another company take the lead? No other company can because they don't have their own idea's. Look at the iPhone, every phone before had a keyboard or a very minimal and hard to use touch screen. Apple showed the World how to use touch screens what they are capable of and how they can change our lives. Now every company under the Sun creates copies, but they are never as successful as Apple. The iPad demonstrates the innovation which Apple brings, thinking outside of the box which other companies are not capable of. Now they all have their own copies of the iPad, but the truth is nothing is as good as the original idea. The reality is without Apple, we would not have the technology we use today.
    • Your obviously a delusional Apple fan boy. I love your type you are great for a laugh.

      Apple isn't the be all and end all of phones, mp3 players, tablets, computers etc...

      Why would it not be great to see some other company take the lead?

      Hmmm Googles Android isn't a copy of Apples iOS and it has taken the lead in the US smart phone market. Android has a 41.8% share compared to Apples 27% share. ( So yeah other companies can innovate and come up with products that are better than Apples.

      Although I think Apple still has the lead in the tablet market, I wouldn't be surprised if that changes.

      While we are on the topic of tablets, Apple didn't invent the tablet. We had tablets in 1994 ( although they were just a one trick pony.

      It's only recently that we have had the technology to make a modern tablet, now the tablet is a general purpose computer. Apple just had the guts to take the risk and took a bunch of technology and put it together and make what we now call a tablet. But Apple didn't invent the tablet.

      Besides all Apple does is steal ideas, dress it up and market it. Steve Jobs has even admitted to it FFS!
  • Innovation requires strong leadership, a risk taking culture and a bucket of cash. Steve Jobs retiring won't miraculosly make these things appear for other companies.