Stratasys brings brilliant colors to multi-material 3D printing

Stratasys brings brilliant colors to multi-material 3D printing

Summary: Printer maker designs a 3D printer that will produce colored materials which will save time and money in the development of new products.

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  • Printer marker Stratasys has introduced a new "game-changer" 3D printer, the Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer, that will produce a wide variety of colored materials.

    The printer uses a triple-jetting technology which combines a virtually unlimited color pallette directly with rigid, flexible, and transparent materials. For manufacturers, this allows them to produce prototypes that do not need to be painted or assembled, saving money and time. This process is expected to allow manufacturers make quicker decisions on whether to commit to put a 3D printed product into full-scale  production and bring it to market.

    Stratasys CEO David Reis, says, “I believe our new Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Printer will transform the way our customers design, engineer and manufacture new products. In general and with the Connex technology in particular, we will continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in a 3D world.” Read Larry Dignan's article for more.

    Photo: Stratasys

  • Engineers are testing the 3D printer at Trek Bicycle in Waterloo, Wisconsin producing objects like bike chain stay guards, handlebar grips, and bike seats before making a commitment to production.

     Mike Zeigle, manager of Trek’s prototype development group says, “Now we produce bicycle parts that look and feel like production parts."

    Photo: Stratasys

  • The 3D printer is designed to easily develop a final product which can be tested prior to commiting extensive resoures to manufacturing.

    Photo: Stratasys

Topic: Printers

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