Stratus merges everRun MX and Avance HA to create continous processing powerhouse

Stratus merges everRun MX and Avance HA to create continous processing powerhouse

Summary: Some workloads simply can't be seen to fail or slow down because the results would be disastrous. Stratus, one of the best known suppliers of continuous processing technology, is merging and refining two of its products to extend performance, manageability and scalability.


Dave LeClair, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Management at Stratus Technologies stopped by to bring me up to date on what the company has been doing with its software-based continuous processing products, everRun MX and Avance HA.

LeClair said that Stratus was going to announce that it is combining its everRun and Avanace HA technology to create a merged product. This new product would be based upon the KVM hypervisor rather than the Xen technology it used in the past. KVM was selected so that the new merged product could offer improvements in performance, manageability and scale.

Snapshot Analysis

To best understand the impact of this announcement, we have to examine what is continuous processing, what does everRun MX do, what does Avance HA do and then we can consider the benefit of a merged product.


Topics: Virtualization, Disaster Recovery


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