Stratus merges everRun MX and Avance HA to create continous processing powerhouse

Stratus merges everRun MX and Avance HA to create continous processing powerhouse

Summary: Some workloads simply can't be seen to fail or slow down because the results would be disastrous. Stratus, one of the best known suppliers of continuous processing technology, is merging and refining two of its products to extend performance, manageability and scalability.


What is continuous processing?

Continuous processing is a technique that deploys special purpose systems or software that use redundant components to execute workloads continuously even though some components are taken off line for maintenance or have failed. Work is just reassigned to the available components and people using these applications never know that something is amiss.

Stratus is one of the few companies that offer two approaches, hardware and software, that all offer approximately 99.999% uptime (that's less than 30 seconds per month of unplanned down time.)

What does everRun do?

everRun is a software-based continuous processing product that was designed to keep several independent servers, including those using multi-core or multiple processors, working in lock-step to increase reliability and resiliency while preventing application outages. Stratus calls this "ComputeThru technology.

In the case of a system failure, processing simply continues on the other system. I/O is directed away from the failing devices so that end users are not aware that a failure as occurred.

everRun does that by constantly monitoring all components of an application environment and automatically synchronizing data between them. If it appears that a component is beginning to fail, the system administrators are notified and processing continues on the redundant components.


Topics: Virtualization, Disaster Recovery


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