SugarSync 2.0; one of the sweetest multi-platform cloud solutions available

SugarSync 2.0; one of the sweetest multi-platform cloud solutions available

Summary: SugarSync is one of my favorite cloud backup and storage solutions because of its multi-platform support. The new 2.0 beta version includes significant UI improvements to make it much more user friendly.


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  • SugarSync 2.0 Windows application

    I used SugarSync in the past as my cloud backup and storage solution primarily because of the multi-platform support. However, it wasn't the most intuitive application and needed work on the user interface. The new SugarSync 2.0 beta has a completely updated design that makes it much easier to use. If you look at the old version and the new beta you might even think it is a different service since the design is vastly improved. You can check out some Windows and Android screenshots in the following image gallery.

    The new SugarSync 2.0 beta is available now for the public for free. A free SugarSync account give you 5GB of storage with options for more capacity at competitive monthly or yearly prices. I have the 30GB plan for myself and use it to store images, music, and other files. SugarSync 2.0 allows you to access, sync, and share files from multiple computers and devices. The 2.0 beta mobile version is available now for Android devices and is coming to iOS and Windows Phone in 2013.

    The SugarSync application has three main tabs to help you manage your SugarSync Drive; Cloud, Sharing, and Activity. These are made prominent in the new application and it is great to see that drag and drop of folders and files is supported on your PC. This makes it drop dead easy to drag a file or folder into SugarSync and have it automatically synced up to the cloud. It really doesn't get any easier than this and I have to say the new SugarSync is more user friendly than I have seen with other cloud services.

  • Managing folder sync

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  • P2P?

    If I want to sync documents across multiple PCs but do *not* want to utilize cloud storage, are there any options other than the soon-to-be-defunct Live Mesh?
    x I'm tc
    • Utilize cloud storage, why not use cloud storage?

      Wow, I missed the memo that must state, "we will now utilize utilize rather than utilizing use".
      • Utilize is correct in this case

        You use a hammer to hit a nail, because that's what hammers do. "The cloud" is not a thing. I suppose it is a bunch of computers somewhere, but it isn't a *specific* computer somewhere. I can't "go use the cloud" like I can "go use the computer." No, it is a flexible, multipurpose resource...a utility, if you will. And thus you can "utilize" it for lots of things, for examples: for computation, for communication and, in this case, for storage. I know people sometimes use utilize incorrectly (like, "I utilized my fork to feed my face."). But in this case, it was absolutely appropriate. You don't really "use" the cloud, since it is not inherently useful. You utilize it, because it requires some creativity to make it perform a function.

        So chill TFO, Bubba.

        Do you have any actual advice on Mesh competitor, or are you just going to (erroneously) make fun of other peoples' semantics?
        x I'm tc
  • Vs. Dropbox

    Does anyone use both? Or tested both. I like Dropbox but I'm always interested if their is a better solution.
    • Dropbox vs other cloud services

      I just did a comparison by reading reviews of Dropbox vs Google Drive, iCloud and other services. These services are roughly the same and all good quality. I don't like Google because of privacy concerns (google plus is creepy). iCloud does not store non iTunes music easily, Dropbox is considered better for photos (you can school through thumbnails of the photos), and my family finds it easy to quickly shade photos on Dropbox.
      • Thanks but...

        Since you don't use either one, your post is pointless. And since you find Google+ creepy (especially since I really like all of Google's services, especially +, your post is also unreliable.
    • the reason I like dropbox and keep using it

      is because it always seems to have little bonuses where it gives you a little extra free space. I've never paid for anything on dropbox, just have a free account, and I have over 70GB of space.
      • and is also good

        I have 50GB free storage there. between those I don't need anything else.
  • I use both.

    Up to now, I preferred Dropbox over everything, because it's so simple. This new version of SugarSync may change my mind, though. I'll give it a better workout this weekend to see if it meets my needs as well as Dropbox.

    Give SugarSync and Wuala a try; you may well find something better, and at the least you'll have three places to store important stuff. Redundant storage is a good thing!
    • Great point

      I have gotten complacent thinking everything will be fine in just Dropbox. Thanks
  • I use SpiderOak

    Primarily because all my data is encrypted on their servers. Even they don't have access to it. They call it "zero-knowledge privacy". It is easy to use, multi-platform, you get 2GB for free, and additional storage is very affordable.