Surface Pro arrives in China today, Russia to get Surface RT this week

Surface Pro arrives in China today, Russia to get Surface RT this week

Summary: Microsoft is stepping up the pace in China, delivering the Surface Pro there ahead of European markets.


Microsoft is to start selling the Surface RT tablet in Russia from this Thursday, the company announced yesterday, as it delivers the Surface RT and Pro to Chinese consumers from today.

The tablet will be available in Russia from Moscow's electronics retailer M.Video from 4 April, and will be launched with a concert from Ukrainian-Russian pop star Vera Brezhneva.  

Microsoft has not revealed Russian pricing for the Surface RT and it appears Russia is one of the later destinations included in its expanded distribution plans, announced in late February, which also included Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

The Surface RT was released in New Zealand in March and is currently available from NZ$739 ($629) via retailers Harvey Norman and JB HiFi. It was also released in Japan from 49,800 yen ($533, including taxes) and is sold through six retail partners. It does not appear to have reached Taiwan, Mexico or Singapore.

Chinese consumers appear to have been served ahead of the next batch of countries marked for the Surface Pro, which included Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the UK, where Microsoft shows the device as "coming soon" on its website.

Surface in China

Microsoft has quickly ramped up its presence in China in the past month too. The Surface RT became available in China on 25 March from 3688 RMB ($594), while as of 2 April, the Surface Pro went on sale priced at ¥6588 ($1,062) from its online store and several retailers including, and and others.

Microsoft has not released sales data for the Surface RT or Pro, however in recent months it has significantly expanded distribution across the globe, including most recently adding 13 new markets across Europe. The Surface RT went on sale on 26 October through Microsoft Stores only. The Surface Pro went on sale on 9 February.

2013-04-02 12.29.37 pm
Tmall is among the retailers selling the Surface Pro. Image: Tmall

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  • The should do well there

    The 2 Surface models are very badly understood here. Everybody claims the RT is bad because it can’t run any PC app while no iPad can run any OSx application either and the Pro model was badly received because of its short battery life while a Mac pro’s battery won’t last much more. These 2 products are very good for what they are and the RT should definitely receive more consideration by buyers. It is the only device in that price range that can connect to an Sd Card, an HDMI device and USB device and a Bluetooth device without any additional proprietary connectors. It is also the only device in that price range on which you can run Ms Office, that comes with a full file explorer application and that allows you to connect remotely using remote desktop to any other PCs you might have for zero additional dollar. I often take mine on the road and using the touch cover and a mouse, I can access my work PC and do some SQL programming, accounting and other work related things. I can do all that and still watch movies, listen to music and play games. Not too bad for a product that was criticized by every Apple fan on earth since it was realased. Try one… you’ll get it also. By the way the latest wave of apps are very good. My iPad 2 is for sell.
    • @ nothing but the sun

      You highlight an excellent point about surface in how people inaccurately compare the devices to find a weakness.

      SurfaceRT is constantly compared to Ultrabooks to show its lack of legacy program support.
      SurfacePro is constantly compared to iPads to show how the batteries/weight compare.

      Yet compare the devices against their appropriate targets and their strengths really shine.
  • Surface Pro and RT are the future of computing

    For play and work, Windows tablets are the future. iPads, Andorid and Chrome are a total waste of money.
  • Surface Pro arrives in China today, Russia to get Surface RT this week

    Its great to see the Microsoft Surface expand to other countries. The demand is there if they are expanding.