Surface Pro, Jambox, Drone, and Chevy Volt (MobileTechRoundup show #285)

Surface Pro, Jambox, Drone, and Chevy Volt (MobileTechRoundup show #285)

Summary: Kevin and I are back with another podcast talking about the latest in mobile technology. This week's show includes a discussion of our most expensive mobile device, the Chevy Volt.

TOPICS: Mobility, Android, Nokia

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Kevin and I should think about a mobile podcast shopping channel as we often convince each other to buy new devices. As you will hear in the second half of MobileTechRoundup show #285 Kevin now has me making a spreadsheet to compare gas vs electric costs as I consider my most expensive MoTR purchase ever. Topics discussed include:

  • The new low cost Lumia Windows Phone
  • Surface Pro and its poor battery life
  • Kevin bought a drone and uses his mobile devices to control it
  • Getting over 100 mpg with a Chevy Volt
  • Is the Jambox a good speaker to consider?

Topics: Mobility, Android, Nokia

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  • Matt

    I think the Surface Pro battery issue is overblown. I would wait until I see one in real life. My ExoPC running on Intel Atom (2 to 3 year old processor) with Win8 Pro is giving 5+ hours of life with robust usage. I know Surface Pro is on i5 vs. Atom of ExoPC. But even if it gives me 5 hours of battery life, I think it is not bad at all. Because the Pro is not for casual user, and for casual user, we have RT or other ARM based tablets like iPads, variety of Androids. User could use whatever suits their taste. But Surface Pro is for Pro users, who want more than casual surfing, tweeting, or email access.
    Ram U