Surface RT specs revealed: Comparison with ThinkPad Tablet

Surface RT specs revealed: Comparison with ThinkPad Tablet

Summary: As availability for the Surface RT tablet gets closer, Microsoft is releasing more information about the product. Pictures of the Surface RT look a lot like last year's ThinkPad Tablet running Android, and comparing the specs shows why.

Surface RT tablet

The Microsoft Surface RT has quite a few folks excited, this writer included, and today the company opened preorders for the new tablet. The pricing will range from $499 - $699 depending on hardware configuration.

The more close-up photos I see of the Surface RT the more is strikes me how much it looks like the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet I reviewed late last year. The black casing is very similar on both tablets, and even the dimensions are similar. This comparison of the hardware specifications of the Surface RT and the ThinkPad Tablet show just how similar they are.

ThinkPad Tablet vs Surface RT

The size of the two tablets is very similar indeed, with the Surface RT longer, narrower, and thinner than the ThinkPad Tablet. It's also slightly lighter than the ThinkPad. The Surface RT has the latest Nvidia processor compared to the Tegra 2 on the older ThinkPad, which makes since given the release dates of the two slates.

ThinkPad Tablet
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

While the Surface RT has a larger display with higher resolution, they have the same expansion ports.

The big draw of the Surface RT is Windows RT, and I can't wait to get my hands on one to play with. There's not much longer to wait with sales beginning October 26. Preorders are open now on the Microsoft web site.

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  • It looks good

    I wonder how good the camera is for still pictures.

    Also, still a little bummed about the whole flash thing.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • There always is the BB Playbook for Flash content.

      And commentators laughed at me when I predicted mobile Flash would be a non factor two years after the first iPad was introduced three years ago.

      Of course SJVN thinks MOST web sites require Flash support. He must watch quite a bit of x- rated videos online but even the Porn industry has started to migrate away from Flash.

      Don't worry, Mike, you won't miss Flash at all. Trust me.
      • I wouldn't have bought this for me

        I don't really -use- tablets anymore.

        My laptop weighs less than three pounds and does everything I need it for.

        My sister, on the other hand, uses the computer for Facebook games only. I was hoping to get her a gift, and a 600$ (keyboard included, of course) Windows RT might have been the thing.

        I don't miss flash most of the time, that's what my Macbook Air is for. But this would have made for an excellent present that doesn't set me back 1k$
        Michael Alan Goff
    • Ie10

      Does offer support for flash, as long as the site is on the whitelist.
      • I know

        but I highly doubt they're going to whitelist facebook games.
        Michael Alan Goff
        • I have no idea.

          I guess before long, someone will find a way around the whitelist. After all it is just an xml file, so I guess it shouldn't take too much effort to trick the OS in loading your very own copy :)
          • Then there is hope

            I'll wait for a few months to know either way.

            But, like I told my sister (who I would be buying it for), I don't buy things based on 'it might in the future possibly be able to'.

            But I will be watching very closely , because I happen to think this is a very nice OS.
            Michael Alan Goff
  • Weird day of the week

    Is it weird for a new product to be released on a Friday? "Hey, world, here it is. Enjoy. We'll be back on Monday to answer your questions!" --Microsoft ;)
    • Sadly, no.

      "Is it weird for a new product to be released on a Friday?"

      Sadly, no.

      I've seen many businesses adopt this policy, much to their detriment. Sadly, your joke highlights the big problem with Friday releases: The business is closed for the weekend (or open with only minimal staff), and if something big crops up, they usually can't respond until Monday.
  • Just ordered

    Just ordered, went with the cyan keyboard.
  • Ordered 2, black keyboard

    Finally the wait is over, great specs, price and quality and enterprise grade tablet and OS
  • Waiting for the x86 version

    Due to some apps (mostly games) that don't (and likely won't) have ARM versions, I'll wait for the x86 version to decide if I want one.
    • Wait and Watch

      Still haven't seen what this gives me over Android.
      I'll watch and wait for the Pro version.
  • How is this better than the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity?

    The Pad Infinity is the closest competition to the Surface RT. The Pad Infinity beats this setup by any objective metric.

    The Surface RT will fail though the Surface Windows 8 will fill a need.
    • Operating system is an objective metric

      Windows RT + Office. Those are vitally important considerations.
  • Wanted to pre-order, but...

    They aren't shipping to New Zealand :(
  • What is 720p?

    Is Microsoft embarrassed by their camera? Why don't the use a megapixel spec instead of "720p", which nobody knows what that means? If 720p is 1280x720, this is a 1 megapixel camera. Is that right? Maybe that's all I need on a tablet?
    • Good catch

      The only thing I can say is that I've never, not even once, taken a picture with my iPad. I have used FaceTime. While it is silly not to at least give a megapixel rating, it is possible that this is viewed more as a webcam in a laptop than a device that will take really nice pictures. As a webcam, all you really care about is video capability.

      Just guessing, it was a good catch though. MS should give this spec.
      • Not the only oddity

        For the battery, they give watt-hours for Surface RT and milliampere-hours for the ThinkPad. I don't believe that watts and amperes are typically interchangeable.

        Other than that, the processor seems to be the main improvement; the device is slightly lighter, the screen is somewhat larger with slightly more pixels (although most likely better image quality).
        Third of Five
      • Todd, the cameras in the iPad 3 are excellent, IMO.

        I have taken both photos and videos but I have never done a FaceTime chat wit the new iPad.

        The results have been far more than satisfactory unlike the results obtained using my iPad 2 model. (Those images were just acceptable, IMO.)

        BTW, the camera results from my iPhone 5 are excellent for a 8 megapixel point and shoot.