Survival training with the UN's ICT specialists

Survival training with the UN's ICT specialists

Summary: The United Nations' IT staff are often the first group into a war-zone or natural disaster area, so knowing how to survive in hostile environments is vital

TOPICS: Networking

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  • Next, an amusing bit of pantomime performed by the paratroopers, in which they exaggerated some stereotypical Italian male traits of shouting for no reason and getting over excited to demonstrate how not to behave in a minefield. One of the troopers, too busy yacking to his colleagues to look where he was going, hopped off the back of a 4x4 and blundered into a mock booby-trap, complete with a firework-sized explosion.

  • Unlike the overacting paratroopers, who proceeded to play at blowing themselves to bits trying to retrieve their fallen comrade, participants were told that the only option in this scenario would be to leave the dead or injured where they lie. The area should be clearly marked to stop anyone else from blundering in, but that is all that can be done until backup arrives in the form of mine specialists.

  • After watching the troops negotiate the mined area, the trainees had the chance to try it out for themselves, and pick their way through a forest trail littered with more firework-sized booby traps and deactivated grenades.

Topic: Networking

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