SwiftKey Keyboard heads to the cloud

SwiftKey Keyboard heads to the cloud

Summary: Predictive text keyboard app can now back up user behavioural data in the cloud and sync the information across multiple devices.

TOPICS: Cloud, Apps

Smartphone and tablet keyboard app maker SwiftKey has launched the beta of its SwiftKey Cloud service.

SwiftKey Keyboard is an Android app that can learn the typing behaviour and habits of users to produce more intuitive predictive texts.

Prior to the SwiftKey Cloud service, all of the personalised language insights were stored locally on devices, which means if a user lost their phone, the SwiftKey app would have to learn their typing habits all over again.

With the new service, users can backup in the cloud and be synced with multiple devices.

SwiftKey Cloud will also integrate data analysis from Twitter and other new sources to find trending topics and bring up associated words for users.

The company has promised enhanced personalisation of predictive words and phrases, with Gmail and Facebook integration as well.

The application can be downloaded as a free beta.

Topics: Cloud, Apps

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  • Best keyboard app I've found.

    SwiftKey has the least amount of permissions of any keyboard app. It is nosey wants to read all your previous email & sms also a pain with wrong word substitution, but that can be turned off, or just using care about words typed as opposed to what gets posted otherwise works good. I especially like the color schemes, the arrow keys, & sounds.
  • One of the best

    SwiftKey keyboard is my favourite. Unless I missed it on other Android keyboards, SwiftKey is the only one that has a numpad.