Swype for Android makes first appearance in the Play Store

Swype for Android makes first appearance in the Play Store

Summary: Swype set the standard for sliding finger text entry on Android devices and it finally moves out of the OEM-only presence to global availability in the Google Play Store.


Swype gave their first public demo in 2007, before the launch of Android, and then worked out OEM deals to get this unique keyboard on over 250 million devices to date. Today marks the first time you, as a consumer, can finally download and install the latest version of Swype for 99 cents from the Google Play Store.

I have been testing out this new version of Swype 1.5 on my T-Mobile HTC One and Galaxy Note II for the last few days. Swype was the first keyboard I used on devices with the sliding technique, and I have used it on Android, Symbian, and MeeGo.

Swype for Android makes first appearance in the Play Store

I enjoyed using SwiftKey, the Samsung keyboard, and HTC Trace one, but still prefer to use Swype. This latest version from Nuance is more than just a simple and efficient text entry method. Nuance identified four distinct keyboard personas, including:

  • Swype’r: Swype’s success is based on its core Swype algorithm and advanced language models — it has set the bar and others have followed. Swype’rs quickly and easily move from one letter to the next, and combined with XT9, Swype predicts words and phrases as they input text making it the fastest input experience available.
  • Typer: The Typer uses both hands and enters text as fast as possible without paying much attention to the screen until the end of the sentence. But Typers will not sacrifice accuracy with Swype’s XT9 Sloppy Type algorithms and Smart Touch, which adjusts to typing styles based on where fingers hit the screen. And Swype’s Smart Editor is an added bonus as it suggests edits based on the entire sentence.
  • Tapper: The Tapper is methodical and precise and often looks back and forth between the keyboard and the output, making extensive use of Swype’s word completion and next word prediction. Swype has the most robust language models that predict even the longest commonly used phrases. For example, the phrase ”Dancing with the Stars” will appear as an entire phrase just as soon as the word “Dancing” is tapped.
  • Dictator: Dictators love the ability to quickly and easily speak their text with the power of Dragon, just by hitting the Dragon flame on the Swype keyboard. Dragon offers incredible flexibility when multitasking, hands-busy, or simply on the go.

I am clearly a Swype'r personality, but am very interested in more testing of the Dragon dictation methodology. What personality trait do you fit into?

Swype has an amazing level of technology inside, including the ability to learn and adapt to your touch habits. There are now 13 keyboard themes, integrated Dragon Mobile Assistant, and more. If your phone doesn't include Swype or has an older version, then I highly recommend you pay the 99 cents for Swype. You can also try it out for free for 30 days.

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  • Swype for my desktop.

    How about a touch keyboard with Swype for my desktop?
  • Awesome!!

    I've been waiting for this day! I love swype and it's hands down the best keyboard for Android. I bought it immediately, they deserve it! It has been constantly improved over the past few years and it is so polished and refined now.
  • WHY no iOS?

    Buy Nuance stock if they can break into iOS!! But really, why can't they break into Apple's fortified garden?
  • Apple doesn't allow it

    Apple doesn't allow third-party keyboards in their app store. Nuance would be limited to the Cydia app store, which requires jailbreaking.

    There are pros and cons to both Android and iOS. Third-party keyboards are an area where Android has the advantage due to its more open nature.
  • Good App

    No Doubt, Every Android user would love to use Swype to type as it is too simple and easy to use.
    • No

      Speaking as an android user.

      If you like it, go for it, good to have choice.
      Little Old Man
  • Swype RULES

    Once used to Swype, nothing else comes close.

    I've been using 'Swype Beta' on my S3 as the built in keyboards are rubbish by comparison.

    It just seems well thought out and well tested, by real people.
  • The greatest

    but too big for older phones. The beta fit and worked just fine. I proposed modularizing it and allowing choices, just like with languages.