Sydney Water dumps GroupWise

Sydney Water dumps GroupWise

Summary: Sydney Water has decided to migrate its email platform from Novell's GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and is looking for a contractor to help implement the change.


Sydney Water has decided to migrate its email platform from Novell's GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and is looking for a contractor to help implement the change.

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The organisation's email and mail archiving components had "reached the end of their functional life" and were ready for replacement, according to background information on the request for tender released on NSW's tendering site.

GroupWise would be replaced by Exchange to create a "feature-enhanced" messaging platform across Sydney Water, the document said. Quest Archive Manager will be used for mail archiving.

The contractor would plan, design and build the Outlook/Exchange infrastructure and migrate the over 3000 email users at the Parramatta head office and at Homebush. The last task was to implement Quest and migrate around 1.2TB of existing archived storage. The contractor was also expected to provide training for technical and support staff. The tender closes on 16 July.

In total across all its sites, Sydney Water has over 4000 mailboxes in GroupWise, with 675GB of mail inside.

Sydney Water CIO Tim Catley has been ramping up Sydney Water's discretionary project spend, recovering from drastic cuts in the organisation's IT budget after a failed customer information and billing system project.

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  • Re: Sydney Water dumps GroupWise

    To quote Mr T

    "I pitty the fools"
  • Great news

    Great to see another company leaving the sinking ship that is Novell.

    Novell entered into a patent extortion racket with Microsoft targetting Linux users. The more people that dump Novell the sooner Novell will file for bankruptcy.
  • long road ahead

    this will be a long road and heaps of $$ will be spent. took us 4 years to move 1.5TB of GW data to Exchange. Now users hate outlook, go figure.... think gmail might be the go. Waste of money... they also should look at where MS want to take their customers.. to the cloud in MS data centers.
  • so its OK for MS

    So its OK for MS to sign the same deal with Novell, but Novell is the one to blame......
  • Wow!

    People are still using Groupwise? Amazing!
  • Huh?

    And where would gmail take you? To google's data centres.... At least MS give you a choice...
  • Imagine

    Imagine if IT had only one vendor, how boring. There is a world outside of MS...
  • Err Yes

    About 45 million at last estimate.


    Go and play with your fisher price software, next next next....
  • Quest Archive Manager

    Ha ha,

    Good luck with Quest. You'll need it !!! what a waste of money..

    Try an get support from thenm in the small hours... (Trust me, you will need it ) You will be waiting for a bloke in Russia to wake up and answer his phone.

    Quest software is rubbish, they are a leach on IT's budgets. Promise the earth and deliver nothing.
  • Moving 675GB of mail into Exchange

    Good luck suckers. M$ will suck you dry before you get half way. Start by adding an extra two 0's to your hardware and consulting budget !!
  • "Feature-enhanced"

    The last time I checked Outlook 2007 and GroupWise 8 were about one to one.