Symbian Foundation launch: What members said

Symbian Foundation launch: What members said

Summary: Representatives of the major mobile-phone manufacturers joined mobile-operating-system vendors and even operators on Tuesday to announce the Symbian Foundation

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  • Alain Mutricy, senior vice president of Motorola, said the Symbian Foundation will bring the different Symbian user interfaces and application frameworks together. "The Symbian world will then be unified around one common platform. It will enable everyone to accelerate the deployment of applications. The open Symbian ecosystem, now unified through the foundation, will become richer and stronger, especially when the foundation software becomes open source. The foundation will be open to anyone willing to contribute. It will attract more developers, more suppliers and more OEMs, so carriers will see a greater opportunity."

  • Mutricy went on to outline the timeline for the Symbian Foundation. "In the first half of 2009, we expect to launch the Symbian Foundation with all assets made available to members," he said. "The first complete Symbian Foundation release can be expected during 2010. Devices up to this point will continue to be developed using Symbian, Series 60, UIQ, etc, available from the foundation royalty free."

  • Kai Öistämö, Nokia's head of devices, refused to give Google the satisfaction of saying the Symbian Foundation was a response to the search giant's much-hyped Android mobile software platform. "Looking at this as a response to anything would not really be doing justice to the boldness of the move," he said.

    Later during the press conference, Öistämö said: "In the beginning, we will probably be the biggest contributor to the foundation, but it is important to look at the structure: it is a non-profit, independent foundation that is not controlled by any individual company."

Topic: Networking

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