T-Mobile CEO vents over Amazon smartphone, AT&T exclusive

T-Mobile CEO vents over Amazon smartphone, AT&T exclusive

Summary: T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to rant over the rumored exclusivity deal between Amazon and AT&T, digging up the ghost of the Facebook phone in the process.

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T-Mobile chief executive John Legere doesn't seem too happy over rumors that Amazon has struck an exclusivity deal with AT&T for the firm's forthcoming smartphone, and took to Twitter to make his sentiments known.

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that carrier AT&T held an exclusive deal for Amazon's anticipated smartphone in the United States, expected to be unveiled at a press event in Seattle on Wednesday.

As a late entrant into a market already dominated by tech giants including Apple and Samsung, it is rumored that Amazon's mobile will stand out from the crowd through retina-tracking 3D technology and advances in gesture control and navigation. The smartphone is believed to be due for shipment by late August.

AT&T once held a three-year exclusivity contract for the original iPhone, and the company — which already provides the wireless access necessary for Amazon's Kindle range and e-readers — could potentially attract additional subscribers if the rumored handset proves popular enough with US consumers.

However, Legere is of a different mind, and took to Twitter, using the ghost of the Facebook phone to illustrate his opinion. The HTC First was a failed model which was also exclusively offered by the US carrier, and hosted a tailored operating system designed to showcase Facebook. However, the smartphone failed to sell — to the point where AT&T offered the gadget for 99 cents on contract.

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The executive also took a swing at Amazon for being part of an exclusivity deal in the first place, stating that such practices "suck for customers." However, as Business Insider points out, T-Mobile is also guilty of this apparent sin — by taking on exclusives of its own, including the Sony Xperia Z1.

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AT&T and Amazon are larger companies than T-Mobile, despite the carrier's attempts to expand through its "Uncarrier" phone deals, and the alleged exclusivity partnership obviously doesn't impress the T-Mobile executive. However, unless Amazon's rumored handset is something truly special, it is unlikely that US consumers will ditch their contracts to get their hands on one — so Legere probably has little to worry about. Either that, or perhaps sour grapes over the exclusive deal have played a part in the CEO's ranting. 

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Topics: Mobility, Amazon

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  • Are the Xperia exclusives...

    ... because of Sony, or T-Mobile?
    luke mayson
    • exactly what came to mind

      the xperia z wasn't so much an exclusive as much as tmobile asked sony to release the phones over here, sony tends to not release phones for the US, and the first true exclusive is going to be the Z2 which will only be available from verizon in the US unless you buy the international version and use it on tmobile or att
  • iPhone

    Apple extracted some heavy concessions from AT&T as part of their initial exclusivity fee, if I recall. I belive Apple got a piece of contract fees, which was unheard of at the time for a phone manufacturer. But Apple also made it much easier for Android to gain traction that way, too. If you were on Sprint, TMobile or Verizon, your only real choice at the time was a Windows Mobile phone or the nascent Android phones from Google.

    I'm not sure what Amazon gets from an AT&T exclusive. Is very unlike Amazon to purposefully limit their reach that way. So you can color me a bit puzzled, for now.
    • They get

      the currently fastest network. They need that speed to showcase and establish their phone. T-Mo or Sprint just were not going to cut it.
      • i thought it was verizon who has the fastest

        anyway, i have t-mo and I can't really complain about the speed
      • Depends on where you are

        TMO is fastest in many urban areas and right up there with Verizon and AT&T in the others, but sucks in rural ones.
  • Maybe if

    you hadn't let your network fall so far behind and it wasn't such a joke...you might get taken seriously.
    • Get off the ATT crackpipe.

      Verizon has more LTE coverage than ATT making its network faster. T-mobile went from 0 to 250 markets with LTE in a year and it was always the smallest carrier, but is now putting real pressure on the top 3, especially Sprint.
      FFS put down the pipe and at least be a little educated on a topic before going off on a fanboi rant.
      • Practice what you preach

        Well, then maybe you can tell us why Amazon (and Apple, long before it) thought they'd do better with AT&T .... Educate us some, oh wise one!
  • LAME!

    • Lame?

      I agree... The more exclusives a company can have, the more lame it becomes... And this is precisely why John Legere is whining and crying like a baby!
  • Amazon should be on all carriers

    The UI sucks and Google is not on the phone but it android. That is like releasing Windows without Microsoft.

    Amazon wants everyone shopping from them so to make a phone for only 1 carrier to me is stupid. They are ignoring most of their user base. Some one will point out kindle fire but you can get a wifi only version andd not be lock in to a carrier unlike the phone.
    • fanbo

      Well, then maybe you can tell us why Amazon (and Apple, long before it) thought they'd do better with AT&T .... Educate us some, oh wise one!
    • Its not stupid

      You can still shop from Amazon whether you have their phone or not... Or, you can buy their phone, be with AT&T as your carrier and either shop ir not shop at Amazon...

      Also, its as if you really should want Google on your phone, but since you do, I am sure you can download and install All Google-s apps on this phone....

      You limit and restrict yourself to what you will/will not do and then you say they are stupid for doing it?
  • Errr

    Maybe Legere and company couldn't compete with the deal that AT&T got. Surely Amazon tried to make a deal with T-Mobile and others before going to AT&T.
    Reminds me of a record/CD chain in Canada who didn't get an exclusive on some artists and decided to ban those artists [for a while]. But when a lower selling artist did nothing, they didn't care. And another time this huge chain couldn't [initially] match the pricing that a 4 store chain got.
    Face it. If they didn't ask you they probably don't like you.