T-Mobile HTC One 4.3 update now available, Sense 5.5 not included

T-Mobile HTC One 4.3 update now available, Sense 5.5 not included

Summary: HTC seems to be learning that people expect updates for their flagship and just rolled out the 4.3 update for T-Mobile HTC One customers.

T-Mobile HTC One 4.3 update now available, Sense 5.5 not included

The HTC One remains my favorite smartphone ever and to make it even better T-Mobile started rolling out the Android 4.3 update yesterday. After installing the 560.18 MB update, I have a more functional device yet I am still looking for the Sense 5.5 enhancements.

This update bumps the core OS to Android 4.3 while also enhancing Sense 5 a bit. You will find Android 4.3 and Sense 5 features such as:

  • OpenGL ES 3.0 for better graphics rendering

  • New Quick Controls button in upper right corner

  • Bluetooth Low Energy support (my Fitbit still won't connect)

  • Daydream standby functionality

  • New Video Highlights themes

  • Ability to add your own music to Video Highlights

  • Improvements in camera for low-light environments

Unlocked, Sprint, and AT&T HTC One devices already received the update with Verizon HTC Ones, they launched with 4.2 instead of 4.1, scheduled to receive the update before the end of October.

The cool new features of Sense 5.5 we saw in the HTC One Max are not in this update, but we should see them come to the HTC One in a future update. Sense 5.5 improvements include addition of Google+ to BlinkFeed, option to completely disable BlinkFeed, offline BlinkFeed article viewing, and better usability of BlinkFeed with a side sliding menu.

With this update in hand, I am returning my Galaxy Note 3 since the RF reception is better, the device is much better designed and fits better in my pocket, and Exchange works for me on the HTC One.

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  • So HTC has learned it's lesson...

    Well at least of them anyway.

    It was the post from HTC users on various forums about the lack of updates that kept me from purchasing the One.

    Now, if they could just start ADVERTISING.....
  • Mm, The luck

    Right after Upgrading My software to 4.3 On my HTC One MY phone Blows UP! Its completely dead, Im getting a replacement Soon.
    Eliseo Urbina
  • camera issue still exist

    "Improvements in camera for low-light environments". wrong! This was simply an OS update and it did not fix the purple tint low light issue. Their support team have confirmed that the fix is still in the works.
    Bone Datt