T-Mobile: No reason to cut data charges

T-Mobile: No reason to cut data charges

Summary: A top T-Mobile exec sees no reason for the operator to cut charges, as industry players complain that prices are 'ridiculous'

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There are few better opportunities to discuss data-roaming charges than Mobile World Congress, the industry's annual gathering in Barcelona.

That's why, in February, ZDNet UK used the conference to discuss the fees with a variety of industry players, including software company executives, telecoms regulators and others.

Most expressed frustration, but the most illuminating comments came from T-Mobile strategist David Gannon, who said there was no business incentive for his company to cut its data-roaming rates, as there is no international regulator to make it do so.

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  • This has to change. With regards to T-Mobile, I'm a customer of theirs in the UK. I was recently in the US where I connected to T-Mobile US. Despite this in essence being the same company (I appreciate the in-country companies will be run as separate entities, but still...), I was still charged the ridiculous amount of £7.50 per Mb. Considering there's no real charge to the operator once that data enters the Internet, and the fact they must already have these gateways set up, the cost is just way over the top in my opinion.