T-Mobile offers free data and $0 down on new Apple iPad models

T-Mobile offers free data and $0 down on new Apple iPad models

Summary: T-Mobile continues the Un-carrier strategy with free 200 MB of data for tablet customers. The offer extends to existing Android devices like the Google Nexus 7 too.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets
T-Mobile offers free data and $0 down on new Apple iPad models
(Image: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile has been shaking things up with their Un-carrier strategy and their latest offering includes 200MB of free tablet data for life with options for $0 down on three iPad models.

$0 down is a great way to get a tablet in your hands and then pay off the full price interest-free for the next two years. It is only the 16GB variants that are $0 down, with 32GB and 64GB models costing you $99.99 and $199.99, respectively, up front.

200 MB is not much data on a tablet, but they are offering this for free for as long as you own your iPad so it is tough to complain. You can easily add more data with daily, weekly, and monthly options.

T-Mobile cellular customers can add an iPad for $10 a month and get 500 MB of LTE data in 2GB increments costing you another $10 per month each.

This 200 MB of free data isn't limited to just the iPad line either. If you have another compatible tablet, the LTE Google Nexus 7 for example, then you can also take advantage of this free data offer.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Tablets

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  • I've been holding off getting the new Nexus 7 LTE

    However, now that I want to get one, they all seem to be sold out in the Play Store. I wonder if T-mobiles free data plan caused the sell out?
  • Tablet and Carrier data plans don't mix

    I consume far more data on my tablet than my phone, I don't even want to think of the overage charges.
    • Genius strategy and great convenience

      Your comment is correct, but only if you use your tablet on the road as you do at home or on WiFi. There is a difference how one eats food at a buffet or ordering a la carte. And for businesses, it doesn't matter, it's about enabling your workforce and getting the job done.

      First, having the option of data on a tablet is one expense, the next is choosing a plan/carrier. T-Mobile's makes it awesome to choose and pay for the 4G enabled tablets and still get value out of it. With 200MB of data, one can just use it to browse the web, use messaging/communication, and emails. It allows you to turn you tablet into a communication device where there is no WiFi (or reasonable $ WiFi) available; which is also very handy when a phone is out of charge. It just requires responsible/moderated usage.

      During 4G hotspot use, my colleagues and I don't consume bandwidth-heavy content or install apps unless necessary.

      This is a genius strategy on T-Mobile's part because it sells devices through them, it leaves room for people to choose their service if a paid plan is desired, and creates good will because of the convenience offered (as long as their network is accessible). Expect a potential halo effect for T-Mobile if customers have good experience with their coverage. I wonder if this will help drive Enterprise business for them as well.
    • No Overage Charges

      Do some research before you speak: T-Mobile has no overage charges. They just throttle your speed after you consume your allotment of "high-speed data".