T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1s review: 20 megapixel camera phone in a waterproof wrapper

T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1s review: 20 megapixel camera phone in a waterproof wrapper

Summary: The Sony Xperia Z1s is one of the first official US wireless carrier smartphones for Sony in recent times and it has some great features. It's unfortunate that a maker of excellent TVs can't seem to get mobile displays right.


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  • SIM card door on the upper right

  • microUSB and microSD card slot covers in open position

  • Magnetic connector for docking

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  • Just Got One A Few Days Ago

    One issue I shared with you was the big bezels on the top and bottom, but for me that was mitigated by how thin the phone is.

    A benefit that you didn't mention is the fact that the camera is FLAT. There's no lump sticking out of the back of the phone, which is really impressive, especially given the quality of the camera.

    The features that made me choose this phone were mainly the waterproofing and the camera features - shutter button, high megapixel count, flat design - and so far I'm really liking it.
    luke mayson
    • Thanks for the comments Luke

      I appreciate these kind of helpful comments as I further evaluate whether or not I am going to go purchase one of these. I do find the top and bottom bezels useful for finger placement when I hold the Z1s in landscape and watch video content or play games.

      The waterproof capability, microSD expansion, and camera may be enough for me to pick one up soon.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • I like the idea of a waterproof phone.

    I'm surprised there are so few out there already. I'd take it over a fingerprint reader any day.
  • Have the Z1 be careful

    I hope they fixed some of the issues they have with the Z1 (on our 3rd one) - Most notably that the USB port Keying is little to nonexistent increasing the chances it gets plugged in wrong or the connector gets damaged and you can't charge it. Also I take the Water Resistance claims very lightly as the forst one we had had the Water detection block turn pink after 2 weeks and the phone was no where near water- (Unless my wife went swimming with her purse).
    If they offer a Docking station GET IT the less you have to open up the ports the better.
  • minor things

    The washed out screen IS for privacy. If you want better viewing angles, turn off the autobrightness feature.

    Sony's dk31 magnetic changer will work with this phone, but you can't use a case as it makes it too thick.

    Lastly, have you played a landscape game or use Ps3 mode? Then you'll understand why it has big bezels (to hold it). The side bezels could be a tad smaller though...
  • Two weeks in Pros and Cons.

    My thoughts after two weeks. And full disclosure I'm coming off using ios exclusively for the past 6 years.

    Pros: It's super responsive, very snappy and can handle anything I can throw at it. I've crashed it a few times but being new to Android I went a little nuts with live wallpapers etc...
    Waterproofing is fun. Kinda unnecessary but cool.
    The camera button is flush enough to not hit by accident, but easy to both half press and full press.
    Sony UI is overall nice and easy to use.
    Speaker isn't very loud, but is very clear. Great for podcasts.
    Cons: The camera is great, but needs tweaking to get really good indoor shots. It's got a lot of noise in low light situations. Kinda bummed me out. They say there's a significant fix coming with KitKat so we'll see.
    It's big. It's really thin, but still makes a sizable dent in pants pocket and sometimes falls out of hoodie pockets.

    Bottom line. I like it. The build is solid hard ware and software wise. Feels like a lot of power in your hand. Really hope KitKat makes the camera auto settings better, and promised PS4 connectivity.

    I could write a book about my experience switching to Android. But that's for another post entirely.

    Oh and PS !Most Important! Don't open the stupid little door to charge every night. Order a magnetic cable for the Xperia Ultra tablet. Its the same for the Z1 and pops on with a snap and charges just as fast as USB.
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