T-Mobile to fire up Euro HSDPA network

T-Mobile to fire up Euro HSDPA network

Summary: CeBIT: It may be just a few months before T-Mobile's UK users can sample a Super 3G service

TOPICS: Mobility

Mobile operator T-Mobile will move a step closer towards towards offering faster 3G services in the UK on Thursday, when it launches an HSDPA network in Germany.

HSDPA, also known as Super 3G, will allow mobile users to download data at speeds of up to 3.6Mbps — much faster than standard 384Kbps 3G networks.

T-Mobile's network has been built using technology supplied by Nokia. The Finnish mobile giant told reporters at the CeBIT trade show on Wednesday that T-Mobile was on track to launch HSDPA networks in the UK and the Netherlands later this year.

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High-speed wireless networking will be a key theme at CeBIT this week. Samsung will be showing off its SGH-Z560 device, first unveiled at 3GSM last month, which it claims is the "slimmest HSDPA phone in the world".

Topic: Mobility

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  • STOP stoP Stop......come on guys try Ericsson HSDPA..... wayyy reliable and robust - not 2 mentiion cheap to impliment.. ask the top-dogs @ VODA PHONE Germany..they know best.....trust moi