Tablet ownership in U.S. surges

Tablet ownership in U.S. surges

Summary: Pew Research found that tablet ownership among Americans has now hit the 35 percent mark, up 10 percent from a year ago.

TOPICS: Mobility, Tablets

Thirty five percent of Americans own a tablet and 24 percent own and e-reader, according to the latest study from Pew Internet Research.

Pew documented a big jump in tablet ownership. In November 2012, 25 percent of Americans owned a tablet. The findings illustrate the democratization of tablet computing and the impact on lower-cost models beyond the larger version of the iPad.

This chart sums up the tablet and e-reader ownership breakdown for Americans 16 years old and up. It's also worth noting that previous Pew studies on tablet ownership in the U.S. started at age 18 and up.

pew tablet ownership


As for the demographics, Pew's research indicates that tablets are common among higher income Americans, but still haven't penetrated lower income demographics.

tablet owner breakdown


Topics: Mobility, Tablets

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  • Less and less reason to NEED a PC ...

    so it's Microsoft, Intel, and others job to find and promote things that the PC can do that the tablets can't do. For the most part they need to be taking advantage of the extra CPU power to make the PC computing experience standout (Gaming is a reason, but not large enough to compete with dedicated consoles).
    • In what way? Tablets seem to be companion devices

      but everyone I know with one still rely heavily on a traditional PC.
  • Tablet ownership in U.S. surges

    Ownership may have increased but using it is a different story. A lot of people fell prey to the tablet fad and bought into the hype. I ask them where there tablet is now and they say at home collecting dust.
    • This "fad" is getting pretty long in the tooth huh?

      and continues to pick up steam..
    • Ha Ha

      Nice try Fudlocker Rabidson

      Youi get the Tablet Market just as well as Steve Ballmer does.
      Alan Smithie
  • Wait..What?

    How can the largest demographic of tablet users be 16-17 years old while at the same time have a college graduate degree or higher? Are there millions of Doogie Housers out there with iPads?
    • Statistics

      It says that 214 of the respondents were 16 - 17, not the "largest demographic". It's just saying that AMONG 16 - 17 year olds, a higher % have a tablet than any other of the age brackets - not that most tablet owners are 16 - 17.
  • You all know the truth.

    That 79.8% of statistics are made up 34.3% of the time and apply to 18.1% of virtually everything at a fixed rate of 11% of the time in nearly every case. Tomorrow, it will be different by + or - 3.2% except during elections etc. wherein the variance can be as high as -21.4% at least half the time.
  • why waste money on tablets

    so... am I the only one that doesn't like tablets at all? the whole concept seems redundant to me...
    • Why waste money on.....(anything you don't want?)

      But its only redundant if you have one of those huge-screened cell phones that also double as a small tablet. If you have a smaller smartphone or a feature phone then a tablet does things that you can't do on a phone or a PC.. plus its just easy and comfortable to use in bed or on a trip.. And If you have a the money then its not a waste.
  • Impressive adoption rate

    35 % of all ages have a tablet in just 3 1/2 years since they came on the market. The higher early adoption rate by 30 + is not surprising since a tablet becomes more attractive as your vision starts to go.