Tablet underdogs generate more Web traffic than all Kindle Fire models: report

Tablet underdogs generate more Web traffic than all Kindle Fire models: report

Summary: While sales of both the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Motorola Xoom may have been dismal, these tablets generate more web traffic in the U.S. and Canada than all of Amazon's Kindle Fire models combined.


While sales of both the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Motorola Xoom may have been dismal, research indicates that the tablets generate more Web traffic each in the U.S. than Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Chitika Insights, the research arm of online ad network Chitika, examined a sample of tens of millions of tablet impressions from its ad network between October 9 and October 15 out of the U.S. and Canada. The data showed that people seem to browse the Web more with their PlayBook and Xoom tablets than they do with their Kindle Fire tablets, including the newer Kindle Fire HD tablets.

As expected, the iPad reigned supreme, accounting for over 90 percent of all tablet Web traffic seen on the network. Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 came a very distant second, followed by the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. The combined traffic Samsung's 7-inch and 10-inch tablets are twice that of any other Android tablet.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is also doing competitively well, seeing a usage increase of 135 percent since July.

"As the tablet market continues to heat up, look for Android to slowly eat away at Apple’s position of dominance in the long term," the research firm said, "but not before the iPad Mini tips momentum back to the Cupertino giant in the immediate future".

Image source: Chitika Insights.

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  • BB

    I still think that my playbook is a goody. I have an iPad 2 also and to be honnest I end up more often using my Playbook.
  • Tablet Underdogs...

    I would guess the low Fire HD numbers regarding browsing are due to the HD's design as a content -- Amazon's -- consumer as well as the fact that the Silk browser stinks.
  • I don't use my tablet to browse

    Almost everything looks better in an app than in a browser. I think internet traffic numbers are more relevant.
    • I use my (PlayBook) tablet to browse

      As I often find apps to be degrading contents ...
  • Kindle isn't a tablet

    Kindle is an eReader. Yes, I'm talking about the Fire.

    It might technically be able to do tablety things but it isn't sold as a tablet, people don't buy it to use as a tablet, it is a color eReader to most who buy it.

    Most, not all. Most.
    • But...

      But so is the Nook Color. Honestly, I'm surprised that the Nook beats the Fire in this metric.
  • Or it could be...

    That many, like me, have loaded a different web browser on the the kindle fire (I use dolphin) and have it set up as a desktop rather than mobile device...
    Simon Rogers
  • Only 24 hours in a day

    Why the surprise? This is EXACTLY the pattern you should expect to see if Amazon has achieved its goal with the tablet.

    If you're spending more time consuming what Amazon has to offer inside its ecosystem on a daily basis - shopping, reading, video, music etc - you're obviously going to spend even less time using the device to seek content outside it.
  • Explain terms to me...

    I am not sure what the graph means for I don't know what "Tablet Impressions" means.

    As for my use, I browse, read, and play (movies & music; app games). Does this count? Seems like a pretty restrictive metric.
    Peter Sabin
    • impressions

      impressions = Number of times a Chitika add (on a web site) is displayed on a screen.
  • The Cannibal

    The 8" iPad is nothing but a cannibal. It will be cannibalizing it's bigger sisters, the 10".