Tadasoft system aims to reduce downtime

Tadasoft system aims to reduce downtime

Summary: UK start-up Tadasoft has developed a hardware and software system to help IT managers reduce downtime for routine tasks and maintenance

TOPICS: Storage, Hardware

At Storage Expo 2008, Tadasoft claimed to have a unique product that aims to help busy IT managers cut down on the amount of time their systems are offline for routine tasks, maintenance and so on.

The system works with many common network companies' products, such as those from Juniper Networks, Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent. It aims to answer the question: "If someone makes an unauthorised change to one of your network devices, how quickly can you roll back to a known working configuration?" The answer, the company said, is 'not long at all', using their software/hardware combination.

Unusually, the company is a self-funded (which means there is no venture capital involved) start-up, based in the UK.

Topics: Storage, Hardware


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