Taiwan's mobile paid app market has untapped potential

Taiwan's mobile paid app market has untapped potential

Summary: Only 2 in 10 users surveyed have ever downloaded paid apps, with a preference for lower-priced ones, reflecting space for the market to grow.


Taiwan's mobile app market has much room to grow, as the number of users who have ever paid for mobile apps currently remains in the minority.

In a report by Central News Agency (CNA) Wednesday, the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) said its survey found among respondents who downloaded mobile apps, only 19.3 percent had ever downloaded paid apps while the other 80.7 percent only downloaded free apps.

The survey was conducted by TWNIC between Aug. 27 and Oct. 3 last year, polling 1,108 citizens aged 12 years and older. The results showed 42 percent of respondents owned smartphones or tablets, out of which 67 percent downloaded apps via these devices.

TWNIC noted that consumers prefered lower-priced apps.

Among users of paid apps, 31 percent downloaded those priced between NT$31 and NT$60 (US$1.07 and US$2.07), while 29 percent paid between NT$1 and NT$30 (US$0.03 and US$1.03).

The most popular category of paid apps was gaming, followed by social networking and productivity tools, the survey showed.

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