Take PadPivot with you for a stand anywhere, anytime

Take PadPivot with you for a stand anywhere, anytime

Summary: This unique stand curves to your leg, or can work on any surface and hold your device in a variety of configurations

TOPICS: iPad, Amazon, iPhone

Case manufacturers have come up with innovative ways that let us prop up our gadgets in all sorts of interesting ways. Unfortunately, most of the time, the case or stands end up working best on a flat surface. This is ok, but what about the times when you just want to relax but still want to interact with your device without thinking twice? Enter the PadPivot.

When I first saw the PadPivot I thought it was yet another gimmicky device, geared towards first time tablet device owners. However, once I started using it, I was soon converted and have been using it ever since.

If you're not familiar with the PadPivot, it's a mobile device stand that can prop up on any surface, including your legs. Most stands claim to do that, but the PadPivot is actually curved to literally wrap around your leg. It also comes with a strap, so that you can secure it fully around your leg, so that it doesn't move from its space. This unique design allows you to rest up against a wall, in a chair, or in just about any configuration, while propping your tablet at the perfect viewing angle.



The PadPivot also features what it calls SureGrip NanoSuction technology, which claims to adhere to glossy surfaces. I'm not sure if it's really doing "nano suction", but I can tell you that my devices never slip out, once they're in the stand. Also, my favorite feature is how portable the PadPivot is. The company designed it to come apart and then collapse on itself, for perfect storage, without losing a piece.

The best way to see what the PadPivot is all about is to watch a video of it below.

My favorite accessory is The Nest, and I find myself constantly telling people about it when I see them wrapping up their headphones. Now I'll be telling people about PadPivot every time I see them trying to balance their tablet for perfect viewing, typing or general interaction.

The PadPivot is available for $39.99 at PadPivot.com.

Topics: iPad, Amazon, iPhone

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  • Oh boy

    At first glance it looks very useful but by closer inspection this "tool" is completely worthless.
    It's a fine gadget if you are new into juggling and want to practice a bit but otherwise it's only a matter of time until the pad crashes.
  • I wonder...

    ...if that dude's abs ever get tired from just propping up in empty space like that.