Tattooed Tech: Loving the Logo

Tattooed Tech: Loving the Logo

Summary: Do you love the iPhone 5 enough to get it tattooed on your skin? These geeky fans fans tell the world where their loyalties lie.

TOPICS: Software

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  • Gears of War 3

    Credit: Gears of War 3 tattoos

  • Gothic Google

    With Google colours

    Credit: Business Ideas

  • Sega

    Credit: Ugo

Topic: Software

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  • Utterly pathetic.

    • Agree

      It always amazes me how consumers advertise products for free. Showing a Nike logo on a garment is one thing. Tattooing a corporate logo or similar on your body must be the ultimate mindless "sheep" act.

      It makes me want to take another long step away from Apple. Carrying an Apple product and running into someone with an Apple tattoo would make throw my Apple device in the garbage. I would NEVER want to be even remotely associated that environment. It reminds me of cults. These people should not be allowed to vote.
      • "These people should not be allowed to vote."

        No...these people shouldn't be allowed to REPRODUCE.
        • No risk of that

          As soon as potential partners see the Dell logo, not in the mood any more.
  • Apple's logo is so ironic

    "Think Different"

    just like 100 million other people.

    You can't make this stuff up.
    • Do you mean slogan not logo

      The apple is the logo
      Anthony E
      • Yes, you are right

        Thanks (blah blah blah, add more text to get past spam filter)
    • Ironic

      As that slogan is years old... it was first used in 1997 and was discontinued in 2002.

      You are right, you can't make this stuff up.
    • Exactly

      My thought kind Sir!
  • Some of those don't look real...

    ... like they're temporary tats or something... especially the Facebook one.

    As for the fool with that Facebook "tattoo" on his arm... if he was truly a hardcore Facebook fan, he should have the tattoo on his *face*, not his arm.
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • They're probably temperary marketing tatoos

      for trade shows or something close.

      They're are all too sharp, vibrant and shiny, so I'm thinking they're stick on or painted on.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • All I can say..

    is ROFLMAO! That's even better than an 80 year old with a tramp stamp. LOL.
  • I do like the disclaimer ...

    ... "Not Actual Game Footage"
  • Not Geeky!!

    Thats not geeky, that is just sad!!!
  • IIRC, The zune fanboy tried to change his name

    to "Microsoft Zune." Eventually getting the Tattoo covered over by a tattoo of Dick Cheney. True Story.
  • You Can Reuse Your Iphone 4 Logo

    Just stretch that patch of skin out.
  • Not all of the images are real tattoos

    It is more than obvious that the 2nd image is a very bad photoshop.
    • I noticed that the hair was shaved around most of them

      that's the first thing you do before getting a temp or painetd on "tattoo"
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
      • Real or Fake

        Shaving the area to be tattooed is also the first thing that is done before a real tattoo. The facebook one is obviously fake. The tramp stamp on the girl though, that one I would like to check it out myself before rendering a's hard to tell from that angle, but I would be willing to try.
  • Companies pay to advertise...

    Not to be entitled to have others do it for free.

    All this speaks more about how cheap, fickle, and free (of intelligence) that the customer base is.