Techies sought for IT support service

Techies sought for IT support service

Summary: DSG wants to hire thousands of experts who can help with PC, networking or audiovisual problems

TOPICS: Hardware

Technology retailer DSG announced on Monday that it is looking to hire 2,000 technically knowledgeable people for a new IT customer support service.

The service, called "The TechGuys", will be targeted at home computer users. It will offer assistance on installing, connecting, protecting, upgrading and fixing people's home IT and audiovisual technology. It was launched this week, offering home visits, advice from DSG's PC World stores and 24-hour phone support.

DSG, formerly known as Dixons, believes there is strong demand from less tech-savvy people who are investing in technology such as PCs, wireless networks or LCD televisions. It is planning to spend £50m over the next five years to create the service, which should have a total workforce of 3,000 people.

"Domestic technical support rapidly will become as commonplace, if not more so, as visits from plumbers and electricians, which is why we are transforming our customer service proposition," said John Clare, the DSG chief executive, on Monday.

DSG has not yet revealed how much The TechGuys service will cost. Back in June, BT launched a virtual home-engineer service called Home IT Advisor; which provided "unlimited" support for up to 20 connected devices in a home for £9.99 a month.

Topic: Hardware

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  • I think its time to sell my shares in DSG! I think the sevice is needed but am not sure how much home users will pay for it and whether DSG can make money at it.
  • And no doubt the engineers will be paid peanuts while the people on the board get paid plenty of $$ and nice big pensions, share options, company cars etc..
  • I take it that only males can apply for this 'sexist titled' job?