Telenav Scout for iPhone: Share turn-by-turn navigation with friends

Telenav Scout for iPhone: Share turn-by-turn navigation with friends

Summary: Telenav has introduced a new version of its Scout for iPhone app that brings shared navigation to the mobile world. Recipients don't need the app or even an iPhone to get turn-by-turn navigation via email, text, or Facebook.

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Telenav has updated its Scout for iPhone app to offer shared navigation with friends and family. With just a click Scout users can share a local event, place, or location with contacts via email, text message, and Facebook updates.

Recipients of the shared locations can get turn-by-turn navigation to the destination using Telenav's HTML5 web site. Those sharing the navigation do not need the Scout app or even an iPhone. The navigation is online and accessible to anyone using an Android phone, iPhone, or Windows Phone.

“We’re always on the go – whether it’s our morning drive to work, taking our kids on an adventure for the weekend, or going out with our friends,” said Dariusz Paczuski, general manager of Scout at Telenav.  “Being able to easily discover local bands and venues, share them with our friends, tell our friends that we’re on our way, and know when they’ll arrive, are great examples of how we’re focused on making Scout even more helpful and more personal for each of our users.”

Scout for iPhone is a full navigation app with special sharing features to augment the standard navigation. In addition to sharing navigation to an event, Scout can also send a text message to contacts with an ETA as soon as a navigation session is launched.

“Coming soon, we will also make it possible for people to share their full route with friends and family as well as ongoing updates on their ETA,” continued Paczuski. “This will be helpful if you’re stuck in abnormally heavy traffic, for example.”

Scout is available in the Apple app store and is free with a premium services available.

Topics: Mobility, Apps, iPhone

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  • seems like an innovative idea

    but what advantage does the html5 based gps navigation have over simply inputting the destination into my own phone/gps receiver (which is guaranteed to work better than any html5 solution)?

    The notification of your eta to others is kinda neat though.
    • To share the nav

      The point is to allow those without the app (or savvy enough for any apps perhaps) to have the navigation to a common location. I can imagine times when that would be useful.
  • I liked Twist

    Can't comment on this nav app since I've moved on to a platform FAR better than ios but Twist seems to have a better implementation of this. It will even automatically send out an updated eta if it detects the eta has slipped. Again, the others don't need anything other than SMS or email.