Telenor to roll out 3G in Myanmar next year

Telenor to roll out 3G in Myanmar next year

Summary: Following its license win, the Norwegian telco will roll out its 2G and 3G networks within five years using high-speed packet access technology, and also install 4G base stations.

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Telenor aims to complete rollout of its 2G and 3G networks using high-speed packet access technology and install 4G base stations through LTE technology.

Telenor plans to introduce commercial 3G mobile services in Myanmar next year after winning a licence in a highly competitive tender last week.

According to The Bangkok Post on Tuesday, the Norwegian company aims to complete the nationwide rollout of its 2G and 3G network using high-speed packet access (HSPA) technology within five years under an undisclosed investment.

Telenor will also install 4G-ready base stations using LTE technology for Myanmar to match the sophistication of leading networks worldwide, Glenn Mandelid, communications director of Telenor Asia, said in the report.

A full range of mobile services, both 2G and 3G services, will be commercially launched next year, he said, adding telecom service will drive social development and economic growth in the country.

Last week, Myanmar awarded its first telco licenses available to foreign operators to Telenor and Qatar's Ooredo, as they beat nine other consortia in the last stretch of a six-month long race for access to the country. They were part of a shortlisted 12 from a group of 91 telcos and consortia who submitted their expression of interest in February this year. 

Mandelid said Telenor's exact investment figure for the mobile network installation will be settled after the Myanmar government finishes its final terms and conditions for the licence. He added the company aimed to take the market leader position.

Topics: Telcos, Networking

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