Telstra COO Greg Winn leaves

Telstra COO Greg Winn leaves

Summary: Telstra announced today that its chief operations officer will leave the company on 31 January to return home to the US.


update Telstra announced today that its chief operations officer will leave the company on 31 January to return home to the US.

greg winn

Greg Winn
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Winn had headed Telstra's networks and operations, playing a large part in the company's yet unfinished IT transformation effort. Winn was also central to the building of Telstra's Next G mobile network as well as its Next IP network.

The American executive was prominent on the technical side for Telstra's push for the government's $4.7 billion National Broadband Network, leading a presentation day at the end of last year for press and analysts on the telco's master plan. The plan went unused after the government removed Telstra from the tender process.

"There is no finer telecommunications operational executive in the world than Greg Winn. Telstra and Australia have been fortunate to have benefited from Greg's skills, leadership and wisdom over the past three years," Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo said in a statement.

According to the company, Winn's original plan when he arrived in Australia in 2005 was only to stay with Telstra for two years.

Winn did not finish everything he began despite the longer than intended stay, but he believed he had set the company on the right path. "I will return to the United States with pride and satisfaction at what we have achieved in the past three-and-a-half years. With a CEO like Sol, the job is never done, but we have already achieved many of the objectives of our five-year transformation and we are on track to meet the targets we set back in November 2005," Winn said.

Telstra has said it would not fill the COO position left vacant by Winn, with his direct reports set to report to Trujillo. Winn will maintain the role of consultant to the CEO until 31 March.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions thought it outrageous that Winn should continue to receive money for being a consultant while Telstra employees were told to "batten down the hatches".

The council also believed that Winn should give back his $8.9 million in bonus from the last financial year.

"Under his watch, Telstra has lurched from one crisis to another with the company's much-heralded 'transformation' well behind schedule and the new Siebel IT system responsible for a growing tide of customer complaints," ACTU assistant secretary Tim Lyons said in a statement.

Lyons went on to place much of the blame for the thousands of Telstra employees who have lost their jobs via retrenchments or offshoring at the executive's door.

"Unfortunately, long after Mr Winn has returned to the US, Telstra employees will be left to clean up the mess left by his legacy," Lyons said.

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  • Telstra COO Greg Winn leaves

    Good now we just have to get rid of Sol and we will all be better off as every time he opens his mouth the share price takes a dive.
  • Replacements?

    I believe prior to Sol Trujillo being the successful candidate for Telstra CEO, that Optus' Paul O'Sullivan was right up there in contention too?

    Wouldn't it be ironic following Winn's resignation, if Trujillo did soon go also, and they were hypothetically replaced by Paul O'Sullivan as CEO and say iiNet's Michael Malone As COO. David Forman could also replace David Quilty as the new Dr Phil too.

    It certainly would be interesting to see how they'd go about running Telstra? Do you think they'd retain their current positions or morph into Winn, Trujillo and Burgess.

    I think they'd morph.
  • 2 down, 1 to go..

    So Winn gets paid a motza for 3 years and now a COO is not required. Makes you wonder what he did for the money? The yanks are really taking the piss out of us naive aussies.
  • About bloody time

    Another Amigo dies in the arse. It is great news, thankyou to ZDNet for making my day!

    As per the first reply in this thread - all we need now is to get rid of Sol and that will just about be the ball game.

    Here's a prediction for 2009 - Telstra's board is replaced with some locals and Telstra becomes a humane company again. Wishful thinking? Perhaps...
  • goodbye cocky idiot

    This guy is an arrogant fool. Australia is far better off without him... Keep going, soon all these turkeys will be gone...
  • @Mel

    Sol will leave, like Winn, taking Millions and Millions of Australian dollars with him.

    The positive might be that we see a return to customer service to keep customers happy, instead of a tirade of job losses under the guise of shareholder profits.
  • @About bloody time

    I hope your prediction is correct.

    Well, at least I hope your prediction is a little better than the lame and totally unbiased (rofl) one you made before the last federal election. The prediction that Mr. Garrison's grubby government would be returned.

    Not only was that prediction totally wrong, Garrison even lost his seat. Shows what even those in his own electorate thought of the grub.

    Talking of about bloody time and wishful thinking, I couldn't have wished for more. lmfao.
  • Good Riddens !!!

    Thats great news... I have worked under Greg Winn in Telstra operations... this guy is a tosser. The only reason he got the job cos he is best mate with Sol.

    Ur next Mr Trujillo
  • Good riddance maybe?

    Are 'good riddens' (it's actually riddance), 'about bloody time' and 'goodbye cocky idiot' all written by the same person?

    Interesting sameness with the use of ... which you don't see all that much. Eh [...]

    From what I have heard of the 3 amigos, this guy was actually ok. But agreed, it was jobs for the boys and he will be doing exactly as Telstra is complaining about, sending $ millions overseas.
  • Irrelevant

    Why do you constantly drive threads off topic? This thread isn't about John Howard, the greatest prime minister in living memory, but about Telstra's Amigos. Let's keep things on topic and that is coming from a once-proud-now-ashamed Bennelongian.

    Whilst I am here I will add to my previous comment that:

    "Telstra has said it would not fill the COO position left vacant by Winn"

    I take this to mean that Sol WILL soon decide that he's also had enough and will leave filling the COO role to however succeeds him. Obviously appointing a second round of Amigos is too hard for Sol, who is now alone at the top.
  • Irrelevant maybe, truthful definitely.

    Classic line from the Warriors says it all. No reason, I just like doing things like that. Plus I love hassling Nazi's.

    But the greatest prime minister in living memory, roflmfao. Who's living memory a 12 year olds? Because any PM before or after would have to be better than that clown.

    Only two PM's ever, have been so ***king hopeless that they have lost their 'safe, blue ribbon seats' and Garrison is one.

    Since the truth hurts, let's get back to the topic. But it's not really much of a topic, as far as you are concerned is it? Telstra sux. End of topic.
  • @Telstra COO Greg Winn leaves

    Gee, that comment must have taken a lot of thought ! We must congratulate you on having such journalistic skills.
  • @Irrelevant maybe, truthful definitely.

    No wonder you remain anonymous, with that ridiculous comment about Howard. You must be Maxine's brother, if you think she is going to do anything at all worthwhile in Bennelong. But at least it took you off the topic, which is just as well as I cannot imagine you would have any intelligent input on that aspect
  • Hello dumb***k, lol.

    You aren't on topic.

    What a team, the odd couple. A Telstra hating Nazi and a dumb***k, Telstra loving, loser shareholder, having a love-in. rofl
  • ....

    Not the same person. I know how to spell riddance. As a former employee, I feel qualified to comment. This guy was not ok. He was aggressive, arrogant and generally unpleasant.

    I have yet to meet a former employee, supplier, recruiter or customer that has anything pleasant to say about Telstra. I am truly shocked at the level of animosity directed at the company. I was certainly never proud to say that I worked for Telstra....
  • /rolls the eyes at the anonymous troll

    I fell off my bike when I was eight but that is no more relevant than a discussion about John Howard. The bloke hasn't been the PM for 14 months now. Any disaster that happens from here on can only ever be blamed on your mate Kevin 07, whether it be to do with Telstra or something else.

    On the topic at hand, with Mr Winn being kept on as a consultant it would be itneresting to know what he will be paid for his time and if the possibility exists that his term as a consultant could be extended or even made permanent.
  • Sorry to hear about your condition.

    Fell off your bike when you were 8, Mel. This is most relevant. Obviously this occured prior to the introduction of helmets and shows why you are as you are. Obvious irrepairable damage was caused. I note it still makes your eyes roll too.

    Maybe this is why you have visions of your own grandeur and why you refer to yourself as Lord. Explains why you incessantly lie too. So really, it's not your fault after all. My condolences, perhaps because of your condition I should be a little more sympathetic and ease up a bit?

    Although it would be typical of 'your kind' to blame everything on Rudd, you may have noticed that the entire world, even the US, who up until yesterday were being run by your precious conservatives, is in deep financial crisis. In fact worse than us.

    In hindsight I would have preferred Garrison as PM now, because he fluked a period in time when all was good and little if any was his doing. So I'd love to see him now squirm when he actually had to do something of substance. He would go to water within minutes, without Dubbya Jr feeding him his lines.

    Ok, I have been nasty enough for now, as promised I will ease up 'a bit', due to you condition/accident.

    I do agree with you in relaton to Winn. Another of the so called amigos who are taking the money and running. Although I guess that will always be the case with overseas executives. But the fact that he's not being replaced pretty well sums it up. Shameful indeed.
  • @Good riddance maybe?

    How would you know who wrote it when 'good riddens' is just like you, and posts his comments as anonymous. Why don't you guys have the balls to identify yourselves, if only with a pseudonym.
  • Pot and kettle

    Der, you post as Sydney Mike and as anonymous. It stands out like dogs balls (speaking of balls).

    You use the same wording, call the same names and comment as Sydney Mike, then within minutes comment as anonymous, you brain dead moron. Who do you think you are fooling, fool.

    Don't try playing the innocent or taking the high moral ground here. You are an even bigger part of the problem.

    Happy, I did as you asked and used a pseudonym, you idiot.
  • @ Replacements

    James, best post on here by far I think. Would be hilarious if your hypothetical happened - and I think Forman would make a great Quilty! hahaha