Telstra finds 150 lost IT systems

Telstra finds 150 lost IT systems

Summary: Telstra has rediscovered up to 150 lost systems as it continues to revamp its IT and reduce the number of platforms it uses.

TOPICS: Telcos, CXO, Telstra

Telstra has rediscovered up to 150 lost systems as it continues to revamp its IT and reduce the number of platforms it uses.

The technology transformation, first announced in 2005, is scheduled to last up to five years and will see Telstra slash the number of business and operational support platforms it uses from over 1250 to several hundred.

The first 'release' of the transformation is scheduled to go live at the end of the year with a second planned for late 2008.

During its technological pruning, Telstra has discovered between 130 and 150 IT systems that were previously not listed as in use at the company.

"We had talked in our charts about 1250 IT systems that we were going to reduce to 250 .... In doing the work, we found another 130 to 150 IT systems people didn't even know about," Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo revealed at the release of the telco's annual results yesterday.

Trujillo said Telstra is on track to complete the transformation within the planned five-year timescale. Although he refused to rule out future delays to the project, Trujillo added targets would only slip by a few months if at all.

"We've had more than three months in the company to find all that we have, all the existing systems inventory, to know what s being done. The code for release 1 is essentially written now and we're in the process of doing testing and doing all the things you do when you turn out software," Trujillo said.

The code for release 2 is currently being written, he added.

Topics: Telcos, CXO, Telstra

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  • Telstra Motives

    Is Telstra's IT transformation to look after themselves or to look after their customers?

    I can imagine that if my company ran in excess of 1000 systems I would be culling some of them as well, but it would be to make my life easier.
    Is Telstra doing the same thing?
    Or are they trying to make the customer experience less clunky? This sounds great if it means that customers won't need to be transfered from department to department until you find the handful of consultants that actually deal with your product or service.

    Any thoughts anyone?
  • Telstra motives

    To look after themselves of course! This "transformation" is a cost rationalisation exercise aimed at making the bottom like look good in 2009 when Sol gets his big payout. That's why they are paying everything in advance for the next 3 years so that cost is reduced over the next two years. Before 2008/2009 they need to get rid of the 12000 people, minimise pstn exposure and stabilise IT costs. This includes licensing, capitol costs etc. This will make EBIT look great and allow the execs to claim all their accelerators for the 2009 bonus.
    This has nothing to do with improving customer service or the Telstra experience.
  • Bigpond Chat

    Someone at 400 George Street should consider the timely demise of Bigpond Chat. It is a system worth tens of thousands, has not been linked from the front pages of or for at least three years and has no Bigpond staff managing it yet is provided free to about 250 people.

    False economy Sol?
  • Bigpond Chat + Webmail

    Bigpond Chat, along with other useless member services like Telstra Webmail (it has a 4mb limit - hotmail is 1gb and gmail is 2gb+) have got to go.

    Being both a Telstra account holder and shareholder, I don't use these services and I don't see why they should exist as they waste money and offer no real use to anyone.

    I know for a fact that Telstra has sacked the Bigpond Chat Administrator, so why is the "service" still around? More Telstra bumbling from the Amigos.
  • Bigpond Chat

    Someone should disclose that he is running a competitive chat service himself and it would be in his interest if Bigpond Chat was closed. Someone should also disclose he used to be a chat operator on Bigpond Chat and now he is all bitter because it was taken away from him.

    False motivations LordWatchdog?
  • Telstra Motives

    And what would your motives be Bowla ? Could it be you represent the same chat as LordWatchdog above? Yes, you are! Oh what a surprise!?

    You both present pitiful claims with no substance or actual knowledge on the matter what so ever.
  • Bigpond Chat + Webmail

    Interesting "fact" you bring Brendan Wall.

    I know for a FACT he still works for BigPond and was never sacked.

    More bumbling from LordWatchdog amigos.
  • False? No. Positive? Yes.

    I find it amusing that someone who labels themself as "Anonymous" can claim to know more about an issue than someone prepared to identify themself.

    I won't deny jointly owning and operating an IRC network. It is a fact that I do and in addition, I do it very well and in addition to that I do it with the same procedural fairness and equity as I did when I was an operator on what we colloquially know as The Bog (short for Bogpond).

    At anyrate I do digress. The point of my comment was Bigpond having the hide to charge premium prices for their services whilst running an IRC network that they are too embarrassed to link from their front page.

    Mr Wall adds the extras by commenting on Telstra's free webmail service which is by far an inferior service to the other webmail services he mentioned. It is a laugh that Microsoft can provide a 5GB account to their punters (increased from 2GB last week) whilst Telstra offers less than what you could fit on a compressed floppy disc.

    Someone has to pay through the nose for this wasteful use of resources, a low-spec webmail, an IRC network running three-year-old unpatched software that crashes on a regular basis to name but two.

    Telstra shareholders and subscribers have a right to be disappointed in this situation. I will add that Telstra is the most uncontactable company in the world. Nowhere on Telstra's website is a direct contact to senior Telstra management that shows that any communication will actually reach the intended person.

    I would dearly love to write a letter to Sol about Telstra's releationship with their punters but there is simply no way of doing that. It further reinforces the factual nature of speculation that Telstra doesn't value customer feedback and disapproves of free speech.
  • Why are you Anonymous?

    Dear Anonymous

    Just what difference does it make that I chat on the same network as LordWatchdog? The point at issue is what is going on at Telstra, not whatever side issues you try to cast to divert attention away from the reality. If you're so concerned with the motives of those that are posting here, then why haven't you questioned Steve M or Simon?

    For the record, I speak with a great deal of knowledge about the Telstra chat service, having spent quite a few years on that service before finding somewhere better.

    I think it's high time someone at Telstra removed the chat service that has been ruined by the actions of the current team of chat operators who appear to answer to no-one. If Telstra doesn't want to close their IRC network then they should at least remove this current team of chat operators and replace them with people that are prepared to mind their own business, not interfere with the running of rooms, and who won't stage takeovers of major chat rooms simply because they have taken a dislike to the room's founder/owner. I know this for fact, having seen it happen to others and then to me.

    So "Anonymous", before you come here and start dishing out insults, how about you get your facts straight? And how about you get the balls to name yourself? Or is it that you are afraid to be identified because you know we are correct and you simply want to take cheap shots? Or perhaps you're a Telstra employee/contractor afraid of losing their cushy position?
  • Point of your comment...

    was to discredit and to undermine a service of which you have no actual business knowledge.

    I have not claimed I know more than you - I've just questioned your motivation. However, since you mention that, what education or experience do you have in business analysis, costing, pricing, marketing, finance or IT to advise a large corporation on how to run, structure and price its services?

    Do you honestly think a name like LordWatchdog is any less anonymous than Anonymous?
  • great deal of knowledge

    I've been driving a car for years but it doesn't mean I know how to run a car company. Nor do I know how the company runs it. I also do not post articles on news sites enticing closures of the factory if I get dissatisfied with my car.

    Are you suggesting that on the current chat service you attend the administrators or operators do not reserve a right to close a room at their will?

    As for minding "own business" - please do - it is an excellent advice. Apply it to yourself first.

    Insults? Where?
  • You've said nothing intelligent

    So, you are not qualified or experienced in any field related to running or advising a corporation.

    This is where my participation ends. After all what is the point of conducting a debate with unintelligent person.
  • Only a boy would cut and run when under pressure

    When people enter a debate under the cloak of anonymity, question the credibility of debate which includes facts backed up with evidence and explanations, reduce the debate to a personal attack on their opposing number, question legitimate government-issued licences and certification, question stated industry experience (when, I might add, that anonymous person is un-qualified to question or dispute) and finally reduce the substance of and detail of a question asked and satisfactorily answered is the hallmark of a juvenile rather than an intelligent person.

    Feel free to participate no longer because your participation so far has added nothing to the debate and has done nothing to disprove anything I have claimed. Why don't you grow some balls - identify yourself and dispute the facts I have laid on the table about Telstra with an alternative point of view instead of a diatribe?
  • And...

    I will add that one doesn't require experience in pricing a product that is offered for free. :-)
  • C-I-C ??

    "I also know five people who work for Telstra and I am privy to information that is commercial in confidence and therefore it cannot be repeated here for legal reasons. Without that restriction I would happily use that information to support your queries even further. "

    So you know some immoral telstra employees and receive information you're legally not entitled to.
    Good on you ! You make me proud, lord dog watch.
  • HEH

    Glad to be of service.
  • Your welcome...

    Mr. Bradly Leet.
  • Bigpond chat administrator

    It was always a sad day when Ted got the boot. He was always accessible, and fair, and could sort out a problem in a very short time, and was the best way to get a problem sorted. These days you can send as many emails to that address as you wish, and get no answer. I know of someone who recently got Banned for nearly 2 weeks for daring to put a chat web site, in a PRIVATE MEMO(not a url btw). How the IRCop who did the banning, managed to read the memo is anyones guess, but he didn't have the guts to do the banning, under his regular nickname, as he was away-from-keyboard at the time. AmazIng what a little power can do for a little person. The banned person has been made out to be such a naughty boy, and slapped over the wrist lol. This after querying fatty, over the status of the vic server node that fell over a couple of weeks ago, the NSW node being used now for the 'bots', (according to fatty), leaving the qld node only, available for chatters, although the vic node was supposed to be coming back online(so said the same person)
    It is obvious that the service is on the way out, and the quicker the better for my money. I rarely agree with Watchdog, or Bowla as their talk is usually sour grapes, but in this instance I totally agree.