Telstra goes unlimited on $129 Cap

Telstra goes unlimited on $129 Cap

Summary: Telstra has once again beefed-up the value of its mobile cap plan offerings by giving customers unlimited calls and texts on its $129 cap plan.

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in brief Telstra has once again beefed-up the value of its mobile cap plan offerings by giving customers unlimited calls and texts on its $129 cap plan.

According to a blog post on Telstra Exchange today, the cap now includes:

  • Unlimited standard national voice and video calling
  • Unlimited standard national SMS to any Australian mobile network
  • Unlimited MessageBank
  • 3GB worth of data
  • $50 of included value for calls, SMS, MMS and video to international numbers.

Telstra is set to include its new Windows Phone 7 offering, the LG Optimus 7Q, on the revamped $129 cap. The LG Optimus 7Q is set to hit stores from November.

The previous incarnation of the $129 cap came after Telstra significantly overhauled its plan offerings, with $1500 worth of included usage per month, and 1GB worth of data to boot.

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Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • They will have to drastically reduce the price before I buy another mobile phone. eg. drop the 1 of the front of the price to $29. Till then I am happy to go with out a mobile phone!
  • And I am pretty sure that none of the Telcos will lose any sleep over this profound statement of yours. Incidentally, do you happen to drive a car ?
  • What a joke. Telstra has been ripping off the Australian public for years. Sadly apathy and ignorant bliss has allowed this to happen. There is a reason Google views Australia as a third-world-country and this is one of them.

    While the rest of the world has enjoyed unlimited downloads for years, why would anyone get excited over this announcement. We can barely pull speeds of a couple meg a second while the rest of the developed world is pushing gigabit speeds - and for about a third of the price (if not a quarter) of this lame offering from those most directly responsible for keeping australia in the technological dark ages.....the othera responsible are the naive australia public whom let our government (thanks John howard) inflict this crime on our public yet kept voting him in (this in the days when the government owned 51% of the telstra network)and government policy dictated what kind of internet experience what got to enjoy as Australians.

    Just another reason why Australia is so very far from being the lucky country